There are several kinds of disentangle or matted fur for your Pomeranian. There is the rough kind and the easy kind. If you came here looking for a guide on how to resolve your pomeranian hair problem you came to the right place because I’m going to cover up all the different conditions your pomeranian hair might be in.

First what you need to do is figure out what kind of problem you have. It might be matted hair behind the ears or on the long fur.

In case you got a simple tangle you can address it with your hand or with a detangler leave-in spray bottle pr you can care for it with your dog conditioner mixed with water. brush the tangle gently with your comb in the direction of the hair growth and try to hold down with your hand in the root of the tangle to prevent damaging the fur and pomeranian skin. As you gently brush your pom the comb may be stuck in the tangle. Help it with your other hand to tangle it. Try to circle those steps a few times. If that doesn’t work try the second method.

Hard mat. In case the first methods which I explain above didn’t work, you might want to consider using a mat remover tool to remove the mat itself. Know that that will not leave a mark on your dog and will not be noticed. Pomeranian hair mats usually occur in the lower fur of your pomeranian.

The lower layer of your dog fur (undercoat) is made to protect your pomeranian skin from the sun and cool the body, along with the guard hair (uppercoat) preventing the sun from reaching directly to the body and absorbing heat.

the steps your need to take:

  1. Lightly brush your pomeranian hair
  2. With your hand try to untangle the mat
  3. Put some dog hair container with water or detangle leave-in spray in the area
  4. Lightly brush and try again to detangle the mat with your fingers.
  5. If the above doesn’t work use a mat remover tool or address a professional

What to do to prevent the fur from getting mats?

Pomeranian coat is a very gentle thing that needs to be cared for on a weekly bases. There are several kinds of coats. It depends on your pomeranian ages. In case it is a little pup the coat will be softer and grows slowly. It is too short for the hair to become tangled.

Older puppies(4-6 months) enter a state when the coat falls out and the new adult coat grows.
Adults(12-16 months) already have their 2 layers of coat. The upper layer prevents the sun from reaching the body and the lower layer that cools the body in the summertime.

Both are essential for your pomeranian coat to keep your dog cool. This is why it not recommend shaving your pom.

Young puppies need to be brushed at least 2-3 times a week to help the coat grow healthier by circulating the body oil through the coat. Also, boost the blood flow to the skin.
If you want to care for your adult pomeranian coat correctly I recommend you brush the coat at least every 3 days. But you got to use the right tools. Sprays, combs, brushes. There is such a thing as over-brushed so be careful. Make a reminder on your calendar to brush your little pom every 2-3 days. That is crucial to prevent your dog from getting tangled coat.

Brushing your pomeranian will be helpful to prevent mats and tangles. It can help the body oil to be spread whiting your coat, also, shedding hairs will be removed from your dog at once. That will accomplish less shedding in your house. add to that improved health for your dog skin and fur by messaging it. Also, a fine opportunity to apply leave-in spray to help your pomeranian fur stay moisturized and prevent mats. Also brushing your Pomerania make him look better!

How to brush my pomeranian?

Well, the best way to approach it is by checking that you have all of what you need to brush your pomeranian. That means brushes, combs, sprays, shampoos, conditioner, hairdryer, A non-rotating undercoat rake, mat remover. There are some essentials but I recommend you to have all the supply you need to maximize your pomeranian coat look and feel.
The essentials are mat remover, a good brush, two-level steel comb, pin brush, undercoat rake, detangler spritz(conditioner).
Once you have all of those above you are ready to brush your pomeranian!

First, comb your pom. You can lightly spray a little detangle spirts so the comb will slide easy. The first step with the comb is supposed to help you spot tangles or mats within the coat. You can spray mist the fur between 4-5 and strokes with the comb. You should use the wide-tooth side for later areas and the narrow-tooth side for smaller areas like ears and paws.
In case you spotted a tangled area check the first section of the article to handle it.

For young pomeranian use the pin brush and for the adult ones use the slicker brush all times. In case they have heavy shedding use the rake tool. Don’t miss any part. Brush all the fur including the tail, under it, and the armpits. Always brush with the direction of the fur grows.
As you brush try to apply some conditioner spray close to the roots. The brush will distribute the liquid through the body and coat. Make sure you go deep to the undercoat fur to take out all the dead hairs but be sensitive and make sure you don’t apply too much pressure.

Then all you have left to do is comb the small areas like the face top of paws and other small areas of your cute pom.
The final thought will be with the pin brush. Use it along with the conditioner spray. Spray once or twice and stock with the brush a few times. Just leave it in to protect the fur for a nice texture and shine.

Should I shave or cut my pomeranian?

It is highly recommended not to shave your pomeranian “naked” because it might affect the growth of the fur.

Most people say that when you shaved your pomeranian too short it will never grow to the way it used to be or if it does it takes forever for it to happen.

As I said. Your pom has 2 layers of fur, lowercoat, and uppercoat. The lowercoat helps the pomeranian cool the body and the uppercoat prevent the sun from hitting directly to the body. So as much as you might think that shaving your pomeranian in summer will make him happier you casualty making it worse for him. Because he doesn’t have a way to cool himself from the heat.

The lowercoat is the foundation for the outer hairs, which is the fur you so like to touch and feel. For them to be healthy and grow evenly you must keep the lowercoat (foundation coat) in a reasonable length.

Most people report that the fur might take months and most likely years for the fur to come back to the way it was before it got trimmed down to zero.

For any reason, you might want to shave your pom, whether it is aesthetic or as an attempt to help your pom stay cool in summer or reduce the heavy work of grooming your pomeranian every 2-3 days.

if you ask me I will recommend you not to do it. It hurts the health and aesthetic of your pomeranian and will not serve any purpose you wish to fill.

In conclusion

Detangling a pomeranian hair or find a mat can be frustrating and irritating sometimes. You take such good care of your cute pom and then the fur suddenly gets to this tough situation that you need to sit and detangle the mat.

I covered up some of the best methods to help you get through it successfully and some of the most common reasons this might happened. Follow those steps and i promise you will have the beautiful pomeranian fur you wish to have.

Pomeranian care sometimes can be a lot of work. If you find it hard or you just don’t have the time for it, find someone who can do it for you so it will not adds up and eventually hurts the pom skin and fur. Try to schedule a time to care for your dog and enjoy it!

Hope I answered your question, lif you have more questions feel free the write them down in the command section below and i will answer them soon.

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