To find the best food for senior Pomeranians, you need to be aware of its special dietary and nutritional requirements. If you know about that, it is very easy to find the food that best suits its age and health. However, do not forget to include your vet in any diet plan that you prepare and follow for your old friend.

Who is a senior Pomeranian?

Pomeranians live a long life. Usually, from the age of 7, they start to show signs of aging. In some cases, the onset of old age may begin from 8 or even nine years. It depends on what type of dog food he had been eating and his lifestyle in general. As he ages, his energy levels will begin to sap, and he will be less active and more sedentary. He may also lose his appetite and may develop some diseases too. All these are symptoms that you start preparing senior Pomeranian food for your furry friend.

Dietary requirements for a senior Pomeranian:

A senior Pomeranian would need a dog food that has all the essential nutrients in the correct quantity. You need to check with your vet regularly. He would check the physical condition of the Pomeranian and prescribe his daily intake of proteins, carbs, etc. If your Pomeranian develops some ailment, then the vet would recommend a diet to counter its disease.

As your Pomeranian grows old, visit the vet should become more regular than before. Any laxity on your part can spell serious trouble for your beloved dog. So, take it for regular checkups to the vet and follow his advice regarding diet and other matters.

You do not have to give a senior Pomeranian a high-fat diet or any food that has a high-fat content. As he becomes old, he will be less active and find it hard to digest that fat. For Pomeranian senior food, look for the following two guiding principles;

Small but regular dog food: You should give your senior Pomeranian small food portions at regular intervals. It may require time to digest food, but it would need at least two servings of food every day. Again, you can contact your vet about it.

Controlled calorie intake: This one is significant to understand and follow. Calorie intake must be at the optimum level. It should be neither high nor low. Either way, it would be a disaster for your Pomeranian as it could either become fat or malnourished.

Store-supplied senior Pomeranian food:

If you have fed your Pomeranian-only home-cooked meals, then now is the time to switch to dog food made by dog food companies. The reason is they are prepared to keep in mind the nutritional requirements of dogs. The dietary requirements of Pomeranian puppies are different from a senior Pomeranian, and these food companies produce dog food accordingly. You will need a senior formulated dog food for your senior buddy now. To help your dog, you can begin the transition from home-cooked meals to company-produced food gradually. Also. You might have to add a supplement to the diet of your senior Pomeranian friend as well.

While shopping for senior Pomeranian food, look for dog food that is rich in Glucosamine and Chondroitin. That food should be high in antioxidants, too, as in its old age, the Pomeranian would need it to fight diseases and strengthen the immune system. Do not go for food that contains high levels of additives and preservatives. Also, good with high salt content and especially sugar is not going to help your old friend. Also, dog food containing ingredients whose names sound vague and unfamiliar should not be on your shopping list.

Home-cooked meals for senior Pomeranian food:

Home-cooked meals are a good idea, and many dog owners feed their furry friends only home-cooked meals. However, they need to be aware of their dogs’ caloric and nutritional requirements and what exactly they are providing them. Usually, dog owners do not do proper research, and the dog food they prepare is often lacking in vital vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. To give variety to your old friend, you can buy a cookbook containing Pomeranian food recipes. Here is what you should feed your senior Pomeranian if you are giving it home-cooked meals.

Chicken meals: Chicken should be your go-to ingredient while preparing food for your senior friend. Chicken meat is an excellent source of protein, and your old Pomeranian would need it to strengthen its bones and joints. It will also give a boost to its immunity system.

Fish: Fish is another excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. You can substitute fish with fish oil, too, as fish oil also contains all the benefits associated with fish meat. You can give fish oil directly to your Pomeranian or put it in any other food.

Fruits & vegetables: Do not forget to include regular servings of fruits and vegetables in your dog’s diets. They are packed with antioxidants and other essential ingredients that will give your friend the nourishment required.

Grain-free food:

Many dogs get affected by grains in their diets. Senior Pomeranians are often prone to their side effects. They may develop conditions like flatulence, indigestion, stomach issues, bloating, etc. If your Pomeranian has developed any such symptoms, then you should switch it to grain-free food.

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Pomeranians are generally a healthy breed, and they don’t develop illnesses and weaknesses that often. If you take good care of them, give them a balanced and healthy diet, they will live a healthy and long life. However, as they grow old, they are bound to face some effects of aging. You cannot reverse their age clock, but you can indeed delay the onset of old-age-related side effects. Take special care of your old Pomeranian’s diet and eating habits. Do not be lax regarding your visits to the vet. He can diagnose an illness and prevent its spread before it becomes unmanageable. By following these guidelines, you can help your Pomeranian live a healthy life.