With a thick, double-layered coat, your Pom is particularly vulnerable to heat waves especially during summertime. If you are not careful, your Pom could experience heat stroke, which can be deadly if not managed in time. Help your Pom stay cool by adopting these simple strategies:

If your dog is at home,

Blast your fan at home at full speed.

Let the breeze cool your Pom and lull it to sleep.

Prepare some frozen treats.

Everyone loves ice cream on a hot day, and dogs are no exception. Watermelons and yoghurt cooled in the freezer are a great combination to help your dog manage the heat and keep them happy.

Cover your dog with a wet towel.

When we are having a fever, our mothers would place a wet towel on our forehead to transfer body heat to the towel. The same concepts applies for your dog. Do your dog a favour. Simple and free.

Use cooling vests and/or cooling mats.

If you can afford to spend a little more, consider buying cooling mats. These mats can be first stored in the fridge and taken out when needed for your dog to lie and chill on. Some mats even have capabilities to regulate its temperature by the touch of a button.

If you are planning to take your dog out

Turn on the mighty garden sprinkler.

Make it rain, literally. The water will keep your dog cool and it is a great way to exercise as well.


Bring your dog for a walk only in early mornings or late evenings.

The wee hours of the day are usually when the temperature is coolest. Dogs pant to release heat so if you notice your Pommy panting more than usual on your walk, slow down, find shade, stop and rest.

Always bring extra, iced drinking water when taking your dog out

When temperatures are high, it is wise to be prepared with extra drinking water. To encourage your Pommy to drink more, try chilling water in the refrigerator or adding ice cubes to their water bowl or water bottle. Remember, always stay hydrated.

Trimming your Pom’s fur shorter than normal

your Pom’s fur is thick but you can still trim it to maximize air flow and cooling. Be careful not to cut your Pom’s fur too short as a large part of its skin may be exposed to the sun leading to sunburn.

Bring your dog out for a swim in your neighborhood lake, or invest in a cheap doggy pool

Swimming is a great way to cool off from the summer heat. However, before you throw your Pom into the lake in your excitement, make sure that your Pom is able to swim first by practicing in a pool.

Wear socks. Socks aren’t just for Grandma for sleep. Before you take your Pom outside for a walk in the afternoon or to the beach, you are bound to be walking on pavements and roads. These surfaces built with concrete and tarmac are high conductors of heat, and could burn your dog’s sensitive paws. Protect your dog’s paws by buying some socks.