Before getting your first pomeranian there is several things you should be aware of. Pomeranians dogs are similar to any other toy dogs out there but there are some things that are unique to them. such as their charather, they fullufy coats, their behavior and habits. so let’s dive into these tips.

1. Size and Grooming

Pomeranians have thick, fluffy coats that require regular grooming to maintain their appearance. Their coat needs to be maintained a lot. They shed often and require regular brushing to avoid tangling and matting with specific tools like comb brushe and leave-in spray to detanagle matts.

They are also a toy breed, this mean they are small dogs that does not grow larger then 3-10 pounds as adults. this fact makes them more delicate and prone to injury.

2. Traning and Socialzation

Pomeranian can be stubborn dogs. The importance of early training and socialization cannot be overstated when it comes to establishing good habits and preventing behavioral problems. the training has to be consistent and needs to be delicate and not too harsh. I recommend you to start with at least basic commands such as sit, stay, come etc.. They are also needs traning in walking on a leash and playing with other dogs. This will make them playful and co-exist with other dogs, animals and humans peacfully.

3. Exeriece and Play

Pomernianas has a lot of energy! I can’t strees this enough, take them on a long walk. play with them. buy them toys they love. keep them busy and they won’t go crazy. Before you are getting one. do know it is still a dog that require exrecise and walks.

4. Cost of Ownership

I wrote a whole article about this topic. it can get very costy to maintain a pomeranian. You will want to be them good food, snacks and tools for grooming, vaccinations, vet visits etc… Maybe a hair cut here and there if you don’t have a time for it. and if its a puppy then training crate is a must. so be ready for some expensess. I wrote an article on how to save on some stuff.

5. Health Concerns

Like all breeds, Pomeranians are prone to certain health issues, including hip dysplasia, eye problems, and dental problems. It’s imperative to be aware of these potential health concerns and work with a veterinarian to address any issues that may arise.

Pomeranians are a popular breed of dog. There are many health concerns that can arise, such as eye problems, hip dysplasia, and dental problems. It’s important to work with your vet and be aware of these potential issues


Overall, owning a Pomeranian can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it’s wise to be prepared for the responsibilities and commitments involved. Make sure you do your research and are ready to give your Pomeranian the care and attention it deserves. I hope you get one. They are pure joy and fun.