7 Things You Should Know Before Getting a Pomeranian Puppy

A wise man once said

‘Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot little puppies.’

Yes, it’s true. Puppies and kittens are literally and figuratively a bundle of joy. However, before you
start rushing down to the nearest pet store to get one for yourself, do evaluate your decision
carefully. Owning a pet, let alone a young vulnerable puppy, is a massive responsibility akin
to taking care of a child. Here are 10 things you should be aware of before getting yourself a
Pomeranian puppy.

Puppy depression is common and real for first-time owners

Owning a puppy IS hard work. From basic discipline training to preparing food, there are just a ton of things that you have to do to keep your dog happy and healthy. Some owners who are
inexperienced may feel overwhelmed by the tasks required and feel that their efforts to
train their dog go to waste. This is where you must be psychologically prepared for such a
responsibility and have patience in the process.

Find good, ethical breeders

Have you ever wondered where your Pom puppy is from? Make sure that you avoid buying your Pom online or from a puppy farm. Instead, one should visit the shelter or shop where the Pom’s mother is at, to evaluate the hygiene and health standards under which it was raised.

8 weeks is the youngest age for taking care of a puppy

Ensure that your Pom puppy is at least 8 weeks old and that completely weaned from it is mother’s milk. Just like a baby, Poms are fragile and have similar needs to children. They must have sufficient play time and be socialized with members of their litter. Without social interactions, your puppy may not act normally when it grows up.

Use a harness instead of a collar

Toy breed dogs such as Poms have a fragileneck/windpipe. Their trachea can easily collapse if you use a collar and pull on it, or due to sudden tugging actions. One must be gentle and careful. Using a harness is a much safer option as it applies tension mostly on the back and shoulders of your Pom.

Meal planning is important

Some puppies need to be fed as frequently as four times a day. Putting a large bowl of dog food lying around for your Pom for the entire day while you are out at work is unwise. Your Pom puppy might overeat leading to obesity. Obesity could lead to additional health problems. The frequency of your dog eating also means that your dog will be pooping more frequently. Make sure it is properly potty trained!

Frequent walks are essential

Pom puppies are highly energetic and require plenty of exercises. 3 times a day would be an ideal frequency. If you work a standard 9-6pm day job, it may be challenging to have time to ensure that your dog has sufficient exercise on weekdays. As such, you might carefully consider the right type of dog for your lifestyle.

Vet bills can get really expensive

From the first day you get your Pom, you will be spending money on vaccinations and check-ups. If your Pom puppy is sick, you would need to fork the bills and they can be exorbitant. Moreover, Poms can get certain health conditions such as alopecia where your Pom loses its fur and skin discoloration occurs.
Ensure that you have sufficient funds to take care of your Pom in case such health issues arises.
In essence, we are not discouraging people to own a puppy. Rather, we would like new dog owners to properly evaluate their current lifestyle, finances, and mindset before they take the plunge. If one is ready, taking care of a Pom would surely be tough but rewarding experience.

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