So you wonder… “What is so special in that toy dog?” so first of all, they are cute as hell. And, Like any other product, it all goes down to supply and demand. Their high demand and the fact the people are willing to pay the price for it set it. As long as they keep buying that price will stay the same. The main reason the supply is so low is that the pregnancy of a pomeranian is very dangerous and not all females can carry it safely.

Their small size is making them vulnerable and they need a good environment and attention. The average litter size of pom pregnancy is between 1-5 puppies which is not a lot. And it takes between 54-70 with an average of 63 days. So You can see why the supply is low. Also, You are probably going to buy them directly from the breeder if you want certificates it will probably cost more. 


What is the total number I should expect to expense? 

Well, For the first year you probably going to have to spend more since you need to buy all dog necessary supplies and products. It can go up to 1400$+ after it the total number of Pom expensive can go between 400-600$ but it depends and the quality of life you expect him to have. You can buy cheap dog food and you can buy expensive ones. But don’t expect the total expense to be cheap even with the low quality of supplies.

Moreover, For a dog that costs an average of 1,500$, you would like to give the best treatment and care. Any dog needs continuing healthcare. Yearly physicals, vaccination, flea and tick protection, and supplies. Some products can help you maintain all these like pet insurance. The price of that can be between 35 to 51 per month. With an average of 43$ which means 516$ yearly. I’m sure you can find a cheaper deal. But that is the average. And I do not even start talking about emergency medical care. So to conclude the total cost of pomeranian annual cost is about 520$+ without insurance and 1000$+ with insurance.


What is the most expensive factor in Pomeranian caring?

The most expensive factor of pomeranian caring is grooming. It can be grooming or medical if it’s your first year or you need to visit the vet a lot. After grooming, fur care, and medical it is the supplies and traits. That is without insurance that will cost between 350$-600$ as I said. 


Will it stay the same over the years?

Pomeranian puppies offcuts eating less than an adult one. Also buying an adult Pom costs less. But food price shouldn’t worry you because it is not the main source of the expense. Some countries do a discount for adult vacations so it can become even lower. Also, you learn to spend less and save more as time goes.

Supplies Cost table



How can I reduce the costs?


Reduce the cost of supplies

There are many ways you can spend less. One way is to choose a different type of food. Unless your vet says anything else. Some Pom’s dogs need a little bit more caring than usual. Their food has a high impact on coat quality and growth. Also, It is important to keep your pomeranian on the up-to-date vaccines. For his and other animals’ health and of course human that gets around your pom. Although sometimes getting the vaccines on your local popular vet may be comfortable, search for other local less popular vets, pet stores, and shelters for information on low-cost vaccines. Who knows you might even find free vaccine clinics.

You want to Keep flea, ticks, and parasites away. Health problems might come up as a result of these pests that including Lyme disease, heartworm disease, and infections of any kind. Those health problems are much more expensive to take care of instead of preventing it.

 Alongside difficulty dealing with it. 

Learn to groom your little angels yourself! The annual cost of grooming a pom might be a little expensive. Learning to groom yourself might save a lot! Although you do need to buy the products to be able to do it perfectly and spend some time reading and learning how to do it right. But, Believe me, it’s worth it! Nothing is more satisfying than watching your beautiful Pom after a nice groom and feeling proud you did it yourself. Grooming your pom can be tricky. Brushing, ear cleaning washing, toenail clipping, combing, detangling his hairs, and even fur trimming can be done at home and will save you a lot of money. you can check out my full guide for grooming your Pomeranian.

Keep your pom on a healthy diet and good exercise. This will keep him healthy and away from vet checkups. 


Reduce the cost of Pomeranian

To save on Pomeranian dog purchasing price. Make sure you buy according to the price market in your country. Also, some colors are rarer so their prices are high. I’ve published an article that covers all the colors and prices. You can check it out here You can pick mixed colors Pom’s to have a lower cost than usual. Buying an adult Pomeranian will cost you less. Also, it will reduce the cost of training and sometimes on vaccines. You can also look for a pomeranian outside your country or area if they cost less. Take the cost of travel in the calculation. And be careful don’t ever buy a pomeranian online without meeting him first. Also, In case you are buying from a breeder make sure you see the parents before you take him with you.



We talked about the price ranges of Pomeranian’s cost. Annually and monthly. The main expensive in pomeranian caring and why you wouldn’t want to cheap on your little angel. Also, we covered tips on how to reduce the cost of caring for your pomeranian. Hope this helps you and you leave here without further questions. In case you do, feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to answer it. Thank you.


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