Choosing the correct bowl for our Pomeranians is tricky. If you make a quick search online or pass by the pet section, you’ll come across tons of different types, sizes, and designs. However, choosing the correct one is crucial to your pet’s health and well-being. We highly recommend an elevated bowl type for both practical and creative reasons. For us, pet owners, they are more convenient to prepare and clean. But most importantly, this design is better suited for your Pom’s digestion. We shall explain it in more detail in the following sections. 

The first choice I would go for is the stainless steel bowls. – They are well suited for any toy dog, easy to clean, and not getting tossed moved around when your dog eats.

Types of Bowls

Believe it or not, there are tons of different bowl types and designs you can find. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you might end up getting lost in the sea of Pomeranian bowls. Here, we will attempt to categorize bowls in terms of material, height, and feeding rate. 

Plastic vs. Stainless Steel Bowls

There are clear benefits and drawbacks to having either a plastic or a stainless steel Pomeranian feeding container. Plastic dog bowls are quite lightweight which may seem appealing to pet owners. However, because of their weight, they tend to slide around easily. Meanwhile, stainless steel bowls are heavy enough and usually have a skid-free design. This allows for a more stable feeding container for your dog. 

Stainless steels are also more hygienic. They don’t have any pores which means they are easier and quicker to clean. Bacteria also don’t tend to stick around easily because of the smooth surface. If you’d like to sterilize stainless steel dog bowls by boiling, you can do so. Meanwhile, plastic bowls are not suitable for high temperatures. If heated at a certain temperature, they may melt or release toxic substances. Moreover, they are much more prone to scratches. If they are not durable enough, your Pom can bite through them and possibly ingest some plastic. You won’t experience this with stainless steel Pomeranian bowls. 

If you’re searching for the best water bowls, stainless steel toy dog bowls are also your best bet. The material keeps the water cold for longer times compared to plastic bowls. However, if you’re traveling and going on walks, plastic or silicone Pomeranian bowls are the best choice. 

Floor Level vs. Raised Bowls

The dog bowl type should be individualized depending on the dog breed. For Pomeranians, the ideal choice is a raised bowl. Pomeranians like being hand-fed, that’s why it’s more suitable to feed them at an elevated level. Moreover, their necks tend to be more fragile than other breeds. Their necks are prone to strains and cramps. That’s why the best Pomeranian feeding bowl is an elevated bowl

Floor level bowls are suitable for dog breeds that are prone to bloating. Examples of these dogs are bigger dogs like German Shepherds, Great Danes, and St. Bernards. Generally, these are suitable for larger dog breeds. 

Shallow vs. Deep Bowls

Toy dog bowls certainly come in plenty of shapes and sizes. Some are shallow while some are deep. When it comes to this topic, your dog’s breed and anatomy will come into play the most. In general, deep bowls are ideal for long-snouted dogs. Examples of these dogs are Doberman, Greyhounds, Dachshunds, etc. Meanwhile, for short-snouted or medium-snouted dogs, shallow bowls are the better choice. Thus, the Pomeranian best feeding bowl goes to shallow bowls. 

Normal vs. Slow-feed Bowls

If you’ve gone through the feeding aisle of pet stores, you might have come across different kinds of feeders. You may have heard of “slow-feed” bowls. Some bowls are designed so that your dog won’t be able to eat all the food at a fast pace. Thus, these are designed for dogs who pretty much inhale their food. If you feel like your dog is gulping down food at an alarming rate, you should consider getting a slow-feed bowl. However, in general, a normal bowl is just fine. 

How Bowls Affect Your Pomeranian’s Feeding 

Perhaps you might think that your Pom’s food bowl is not very important. After all, they are just bowls and what is more important is what food they are eating. However, unfortunately, that is not the case for most of our furry friends. Pomeranians are generally picky eaters. This makes their feeding bowl even more crucial in the process of feeding them. Moreover, there are more serious reasons why your Pom’s bowl is a determining factor in the feeding process.


If your Pom tends to gulp down food in a matter of seconds, it won’t be good for their digestive health. Just like humans, their digestive system needs some time to break down and absorb nutrients. Likewise, if your dog eats very slowly, they may end up undereating and potentially tire their digestive system if they are eating for long periods of time. 

Thus, they must have the best Pomeranian feeding container so they can eat the right amount and at the right pace. 

Comfort and Ease

Dogs aren’t all different from us, humans. They tend to eat better when they are comfortable and at ease. Dog bowls will certainly affect how comfortable they are when eating. You want to make sure to select the right height and depth of toy dog bowls. If the bowl is too low, it may be uncomfortable for them to eat. This also applies to water. You should select the best water bowls to ensure they’re getting enough hydration. 


Don’t forget about hygiene when it comes to feeding your Pomeranian. Picky eaters like Pomeranians may not like feeding on a foul-smelling and nasty-looking bowl. Apart from this, you want to make sure they won’t ingest high bacterial counts in their food. A good stainless steel bowl prevents bacteria from building up at a high rate because of its smooth surface. 

How to Select the Best Bowl 

If you’re on the hunt for the best food bowl for your Pomeranian, an elevated dog diner is an ideal choice. We recommend this one if you’re looking for good aesthetic design and functionality. It has both wood and stainless steel materials that are a good mix of style and practicality. 

Let’s take a look at some of the factors you should look into when choosing the Pomeranian best feeding bowl. This should help you find the Pomeranian best feeding bowl. 

Height and Chest-to-Waist Ratio  

Pomeranians are toy dogs which means they are quite smaller compared to other breeds. Because they are short, the best food bowl is an elevated bowl. Let’s also consider your dog’s chest-to-waist ratio. These are dogs who have a deeper chest compared to their waist. Those dogs with deep chests are typically the larger dog breeds. Ideally, you should feed them on a floor level. Meanwhile, for small dog breeds like Pomeranians, elevated dog bowls are the better option. 

Ears, Nose, or Snout

Poms typically have small land short ears. Because of this, we won’t consider getting a deep bowl. A bowl with normal depth is perfectly fine. Deep bowls are suitable for dog breeds with larger ears. This is because we don’t want food coming in contact with their ears when they feed off of the bowl. 

The same is also true for the nose or snout. Dogs with long and big snouts are better off with a deep bowl. Meanwhile, dogs with relatively flat and small snouts should get a shallow or normal-depth bowl. 

Rate of Feeding

If your dog feeds at an incredibly fast speed, you should get them a slow-feed Pomeranian feeding container. This avoids bloating and other digestive problems associated with eating too many too fast. However, if this is not the case, there is no need for a slow feeder. Dogs tend to eat fast naturally if they are hungry. It only becomes a problem if they are doing it often. Moreover, it’s also a problem if they experience digestive issues already. 


Where do you intend to put the toy dog bowls? If you’re looking for a bowl to use at home as a permanent Pomeranian feeding container, we recommend a sturdy stainless steel feeding bowl. These are less prone to shattering, scratches, and are easier to clean. Meanwhile, if you are going on camping or you’d like a bowl to have for when you feed or give water to your Pom outdoors, plastic bowls are the better choice. They are often collapsible and quite more compact compared to stainless steel bowls. 

Tips for Dining and Dish


When it comes to feeding, location is important for Pomeranians. Make sure you place the dish or bowl in an area where there is little foot traffic or any kind of distraction. Moreover, it’s ideal to not change the place where your Pom eats. Carefully pick the location and stick to it. Our dogs thrive in patterns and familiarity. 


Believe it or not, dogs can get very picky with cleanliness. That’s why it’s a must to give their bowls a rinse now and then. You also want to do this for their health. If food stays on for too long, bacteria may build up in the bowl especially if they are not stainless steel. Ideally, you should give them a quick rinse at night. You can do a weekly deep cleaning of the bowls. 


To better know your Pomeranian, it’s best to observe them while they eat. Pomeranians share the same breed traits and qualities. However, some traits are simply inherent to your own pet. It’s a good idea to watch their routine before, during, and after they feed. This is especially if your Pom is still a puppy. This will help you better understand your dog’s feeding habits.

Commonly Asked Questions About Bowls for Pomeranians

What should I use to clean my Pomeranian’s bowl?

You should only use a mild dish cleanser to clean your Pom’s bowl. Stay away from highly toxic chemicals like bleach. Treat your dog’s bowl as your own dish. You can use your regular dishwashing soap. Check first if the bowl is dishwasher safe if you’d like to clean them using the dishwasher. 

Why is my dog eating away from the bowl?

If your Pom gets the food from the bowl and brings it away, it’s most likely because of instinct or what’s called ‘pack mentality’. However, there are other factors that play into it. It could be that they are not fond of the bowl they have. They may have a hard time feeding off of it or they are more comfortable feeding on the ground level. 

How many bowls should my Pomeranian have? 

Ideally, you want to have two bowls for your Pom – one for food, one for water. Having many bowls may be confusing to them. Thus, it’s advisable to keep it at a minimum. You can also keep separate travel toy dog bowls if you must. 

Don’t stainless steel bowls taste like metal to my dog?

High quality and food-grade stainless steel is not supposed to taste like metal. If you get your Pomeranian a good quality stainless steel bowl, it should be fine. However, poor quality ones may not be pure stainless steel. They will corrode over time and may taste like metal and rust. This is both bad-tasting and harmful to your Pom. 

The Best Bowls for Your Pomeranian

Interested to know which one we recommend the most? It’s the elevated stainless steel dog bowl. They come in 2.5-cup and 6-cup sizes. Moreover, the one-piece bamboo stand design is both aesthetically-pleasing and durable. It is water-resistant and stands on rubber feet to remain steady and tip-proof while your Pom feeds. It’s easy to clean and can withstand the harsh conditions outdoors. 

However, if you’re looking for one without any stand, you should go with a plain stainless steel dog bowl. It’s skid-free and is ideal for puppies and adults. You simply can’t beat a good old-fashioned stainless steel pet bowl. They are sturdy, durable, and easy to clean, too!