Long car journeys with your Pomeranian might be enjoyable; however, that can change in an instant. A major vehicle accident can be caused by only one furry distraction, which is the worst-case scenario for drivers and dog owners.

A dog booster seat car seat is a terrific method to keep your Pomeranian secure and safe if you intend on traveling on the road with your dog. While having your Pom on your lap while driving may be lovely, a booster car seat ensures that you are not distracted by your fluffy buddy.

I researched and reviewed the top dog booster seats and car seats so you do not have to. Here are five of the best Pom car seats on the market today:

Five of the Best Dog Car Seats on the Market Today

If you’re looking for the best dog car seat for your Pom have a look at my top choices:

  1. Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat – This Is My Best Choice!
  2. Snoozer Lookout Dog Car Seat
  3. American Kennel Club Booster Seat
  4. K&H Pet Products Booster Pet Seat
  5. PetSafe Solvit Pet Boster Seat

Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat

The Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat is a front-facing high-quality booster seat that ensures your small travel companion’s comfort and safety. It has an angled shape that keeps it from tipping over by sitting equally on the back and front car seats. The mounting strap wraps around the seat and can be adjusted to provide a secure fit. Its elevated seat is ideal for Poms who suffer from motion sickness, and it is waterproof to keep it clean. 

Moreover, the seat’s shape is supported by a metal frame within, which prevents it from falling down when driving. It also has a free seatbelt tether that may be attached to a harness but should not be used with neck collars Kurgo Car Pet Booster Seat is the best overall dog car seat, albeit the seatbelt clip might be too huge or hefty for smaller canine harnesses.

Snoozer Lookout Dog Car Seat

The Snoozer Lookout Dog Car Seat is a high-end car seat that is compatible with most car seatbelts. Furthermore, the actual seat does not require any additional straps to be installed, which is ideal for exceptionally wide seats. This product has a safety tether that clips onto a harness to secure your dog in the product while you’re on the road. The seat is composed of solid foam for added comfort and has a faux wool lining to help keep your Pomeranian warm on cold days. It also includes a convenient storage tray for your items that stows at the bottom of the seat.

Although these premium dog car seats are more costly than other booster seats, it is made of high-quality components and has a unique design. It’s also tough to maintain and isn’t machine washable; therefore, it didn’t make our top two. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for a high-end dog seat, the Snoozer Lookout Dog Car Booster Seat is an excellent option.

American Kennel Club Booster Seat

The American Kennel Club Pet Booster Seat is a cost-effective booster ride that gives your Pom a secure seat in the car. Additionally, the bottom cushion of the booster seat is memory foam, which supports your Pom’s body during extended driving trips. A zippered pouch in the front of the seat can be used to store food, bags, and other pet essentials. The adjustable strap system allows you a specific fit to your vehicle, ensuring your safety during the journey. 

In the event of an automobile accident, it also features a built-in seatbelt tether. The issue is that the tether clip is made of plastic, which isn’t as durable as metal. It’s also not built for bucket seats, making it less adaptable than other options. We didn’t put it in the top spot because of these factors. The American Kennel Club 913 Pet Booster Seat, on the other hand, is the greatest dog car seat for the money.

K&H Pet Products Booster Pet Seat

The K&H Pet Product Bucket Booster Pet Seat is a cushioning booster seat that keeps your dog secure during car rides. This seat has a washable and removable zipper cover that keeps it looking new for a long time. The exterior layer is constructed of sturdy fibers for added protection from curious small dogs, while the inner is fleece-lined to keep your Pomeranian warm and comfortable. Your companion can also enjoy the surroundings from the passenger seat because the car seat is elevated for a window-level perspective. 

However, the issue with this dog booster seat is that it is not as well-made as other types. Another problem is that the safety tethers aren’t adequately attached, making them appear untrustworthy in the event of an accident. In comparison to comparable versions, the K&H Pet Products Bucket Pet Seat is also on the pricey side—without the high-quality brand expectation. This variant may be suitable if you have a little dog and require a raised booster seat.

PetSafe Solvit Pet Boster Seat

The PetSafe Solvit Pet Booster Seat is a front-facing seat that leverages the headrest of your car’s seat to raise the booster seat to window level, allowing your dog to see out. It provides a gentler trip for dogs that suffer from motion sickness because the booster seat is level with the window. When it comes to easy cleaning, the soft fleece liner can be removed, machine washed, and dried. It has a robust polyester shell that can withstand the rigors of travel, as well as a zipper pocket for additional storage. Although this model has a unique design, it’s only suitable for dogs weighing less than 15 pounds, so your Pom should be safe.


I selected the Kurgo Car Pet Seat to be the finest overall car seat for your dog after conducting my tests and evaluating reviews. It’s made to fit any car passenger seat and safely raise your Pomeranian to window height. 

Hopefully, I’ve made finding a car seat a little easier for pet owners. I sought the best models with pet safety and comfort in mind. If you’re still undecided, a local pet store can assist you in making your choice.

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