Can your dog wear clothes? Or in particular, can your Pomeranians wear them? This is an interesting question and the answer is both yes and no. We do endorse that Pomeranians wearing clothes but not every dog likes to wear ones. Some dogs hate wearing one and would do anything to get out of them. Do not force them on your furry friends if they refuse to wear one. It will cause them distress, anxiety, and confusion.

Now that disclaimer is over, let us focus on those dogs that you should consider for clothing, Pomeranians included. We will shed light on why and when it is important for them and what are the clothing options for your little friends.

Is dog clothing a current fad?

Contrary to what many people assume clothes for a dog are not something new. A picture of a properly clothed bulldog is available dated 1900. Even before that, historians have chronicled dogs’ clothing in the times of Henry VIII. Dogs in those days wore intricate collars made of velvet and silk.

The trend of dogs’ clothing has caught on in today’s times. Mainstream media feeds us pictures of popular celebrities holding their canine friends in fashionable attire. Dogs’ clothes are most popular in small toy dog breeds like Poodles, Pomeranians, Chihuahua, etc.

Why you should consider clothes for your Pomeranians?

Pomeranians are cute, little, and cuddly fellows. They belong to the Spitz family and are related to the Huskies. But unlike the Huskies, they need clothing all because of their small size. Here are other reasons that make Pomeranian clothes an important accessory.

They look adorable: Pomeranians look pretty charming in their cute outfits. They are already beautiful to look at and these clothes make them look even more beautiful. We all love looking at them dressed up. The internet is flooded with such images daily. The tabloids feature celebrity Pomeranian owners showing off their Poms looking prim in customized clothes.

It’s good for your Pom’s personality: We all love attention and Pomeranians are no exception. We all love to hold and cuddle them wearing those clothes. The Pomeranians love this. It is good for their personality. They feel loved and happy. It has a positive impact on their mood and they foster a renewed connection with their owner.

Protection against cold: Despite being a close relative of the Huskies, the Pomeranians can catch a cold during the chilly winter season. They are small-sized and have very little fat content in their bodies. This makes them vulnerable to cold, the presence of a natural furry coat notwithstanding. Wrapping them in wearable woolies help them withstand the cold weather. Some Poms instantly go to sleep when their owners put some warm clothes on them. This proves how they love to be wrapped around during the winter season.

Protection from inclement weather: Pomeranian clothes are available for every kind of weather. Be it the hot summer heat, rain, storm, sleet, etc. You can buy Pomeranian cotton clothes in the summer and give them protection. They are fragile little creatures and would like protection from all sorts of inclement weather and not just winter.

Good for your pet’s health: Weather can take a toll on your pet’s health. It can’t tell you that but it will display bouts of anxiety and uneasiness due to that. It will retreat itself to a corner and avoid doing things he would otherwise enjoy. These can harm your Pom’s health.

Your canine friend has to move around and go out. It is good for its well-being. But it may avoid that because he is feeling too cold or hot due to the weather. By having appropriate season clothes for Pomeranian you can avoid all these issues and promote the good health of your pet.

Morever, you can notice that your Pomeranian tail is down when he is streeed or unhappy from the clothings.

Protection from diseases: Sometimes clothes become a necessity rather than a fashion accessory or a distant need. Your Pom can suffer from skin allergies or diseases. This makes it mandatory that you put an extra layer of cloth on the Pom’s body. It will help in the healing process and prevent the spread of disease. This is yet another reason for your Pomeranian clothes.

Things to consider before buying Pomeranian clothes:

Now that you know the benefits of dressing up your Pom, it’s time to go shopping. But before you purchase anything, be mindful of the following simple guidelines;

  • Don’t go for overly fancy, frilly, and ostentatious stuff.
  • Keep it as simple and practical as possible. Your dog is not a toy. It is a living creature. Never lose sight of this fit.
  • Always choose an outfit that snuggly sits on your Pom. Do not go for too loose or too tight dressing.
  • If you cannot take your little friend along with you, know its measurements or note them down. It helps you in getting a perfect fit.
  • The fabric of the clothes is an important factor to consider as well. You should avoid dresses that are made of overly synthetic fabrics. Try to buy organic, soft, stretchable, and breathable fabric. It should not cause skin allergies or other reactions to your beloved friend.
  • Do not go for clothes that need to be pulled over from the head. This makes the dog uncomfortable and nervous. You should buy clothes that have zip, button, loops, etc. for wearing and removing them.

Types of Pomeranian clothes:

There is a huge variety of Pomeranian clothes available in the market. They range from the truly bizarre, over-the-top outfits to regular and practical vests, shirts, and hoodies. Let us broadly divide the different types of Pomeranian clothes into two main categories as follows;

  • Pomeranian clothes for summer
  • Pomeranian clothes for winter

Pomeranian clothes for summer: As we explained earlier, clothes are not meant to protect you just from cold weather. In the summer, the heat can be very oppressive and negatively affect your Pom. As a safety precaution, do not take out your Pom for a walk during excessive heat. If you are Pom is suffering from any skin disease like Alopecia X, or Black Skin Disease it becomes important that you cover your Pom in a single layer of clothing. The affected parts of the skin must not be exposed to sunlight, heat, rain, etc.

During warm months always go for lightweight, cotton fabrics. You can dress your Pom in tops, shirts, loosely fitted vests, etc. They should be of breathable and sweat-absorbent material. Your Pom should feel comfortable in them. A single layer of clothing is enough for summertime. Otherwise, your dog can feel stuffy.

Pomeranian clothes for winter: Now let us discuss the clothing options for winters for your furry friends. Winter can be harsh and biting. A Pomeranian need to keep itself warm and cozy during this time. You have to purchase clothes for him accordingly.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there. You can go for coats, sweaters, hoodies, jerseys, jackets, and vests. The main idea is to keep the chest, shoulder, and flanks properly covered. The Poms can catch frostbite easily so avoid taking them out during sub-zero temperatures or when it is snowing.

There are many fancy clothing options available in the market that more often than serve no practical purpose. They are there just for fun and some crazy time. While it’s okay to dress your Pom in say a Cinderella outfit do not overdo it and especially do not do it at the expense of your beloved dog.

Protecting the paws:

While covering your Pomeranian do not forget about the paws. They need to be covered too. Remember, your Pom is a tiny and fragile being. It was bred to stay indoors with you and give you company. If you expose him to harsh conditions outside, then it will wilt like a flower.

There are paw pads or Pomeranian shoes available in the market. They will protect your Pom’s feet from adverse weather. You can also use it if you intend to take him out on a walkover hard or uneven surface. In any case, those tiny toes demand your care and attention too.

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Where to buy Pomeranian clothes?

You can search your neighborhood for any good pets’ clothing store. Ask your family or friends or fellow Pomeranian owners where do they shop for their pet’s clothing. You can go online and hunt for clothing stores there. Try to find a good store that offers everything related to your Pomeranian and its different sub-breeds. In that way, you won’t have to look for different stores and it will save you time.

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Buying Pomeranian clothes is no longer a personal choice. It is oftentimes a necessity rather than a luxury. As a responsible pet owner, you should take proper care of your pet and give him all the love, care, and attention it so rightfully deserves. Do not other peoples’ frivolous comments and opinions take better of you. Because at the end of the day you are liable for your pet’s nourishment and well-being.

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