So, if you are wondering about the fact about how long can a Pomeranian stay alone, then I should just make it clear that it depends on the age of the Pomeranian. I have seen many pet lovers and they have different dogs breed. They always expect that their dogs would live forever. But it is a natural call. I also have petted a Pomeranian and also I’m a dog lover. As I have run around many dog lovers from my childhood, I have always realized that they are not fond of losing their dogs. Everyone wants his/her dog to live forever. So, the only advice to avoid facing this dilemma is that, keep your dog with you. Don’t leave it alone. 

What is the difference between playpen and crate?

Simply put, a crate is a den substitute to a dog where it can take a rest without hesitation and can feel safe there. On the other hand, A playpen is simply a place for your dog to play. The playpen can also be used for other purposes as well. Simply put, a playpen is a play zone for the dog. 

Now, there are some benefits for which you should keep a crate for your dog. Those are:

  • When you are not able to keep your doggy under your supervision then the crate can take care of it. Your dog will straight go into its crate whenever you are not enough to boss it around.
  • As a dog find its crate a safe place, where it can stay as long as it wants to relax and also it prevents your dog from pooping or peeing anywhere in your house. Because when it is in its crate, it trains itself to control its bladder, and thus it doesn’t want to harass itself. 
  • As it controls its bladder and bowel muscles staying in its crate, your housebreaking hassles will get lesser and lesser and the dog will train itself more as the days go by.

Additionally, there are various benefits of playpen as well. Those are:

  • A playpen is nothing but a place to play for your dog. 
  • If you are getting busy with some of your works, then, you can place your dog in the playpen and then, you can be relaxed, you don’t have to worry about the whereabouts of your dog. 
  • A playpen is a big enough place where you can put your dog with his toys, even food, and water. He can have them while staying in the playpen whenever he wants. 

What are the main reasons I need a crate/playpen?

You, who have dogs, should note these top reasons for which you need to have a crate/playpen.


  • A crate is a den substitute for your dog when you are not around to supervise it.
  • Your dog can take a rest and relax in its crate when it has nothing to do. 
  • Your dog can even train itself to control its bladder and bowel muscles by staying there.
  • It can provide confinement and safety to your dog.
  • You can carry your dog in its crate when you are traveling.
  • House training can also be done with your dog with the help of a puppy crate.
  • It can provide security and can prevent your dog from any kind of destruction in your house or housebreaking.


  • A playpen can be used for the entertainment of your puppy.
  • It keeps your dog safe and confined in a well-structured area.
  • Here you can put your dog with its toys and also can place food and water.
  • You can fold your playpen and can carry it anywhere and unfold it for your dog to get engaged in playing. 

So, if you have a crate or a playpen for your dog, then, your puppy will surely be fond of them and will be far more secure when you are not around. You can also prevent housebreaking, and give your puppy proper training with the help of a crate, or a playpen. 

How long can a Pomeranian stay in?

If you are a pom lover and want your puppy to live a long life, then you have to make sure that you are giving proper training to your dog and taking enough. As a precaution, you must never leave your dog alone because Pomeranian is a friendly breed. It can’t live alone. It always needs to have someone beside itself to look around like a normal social being. 

Depending on the age of your dog, it has time limits for staying alone. Here is the chart of age vs the time a pom can leave all alone. 

8-10 weeks I hour
2-3 months 2 hours
6-12 months 4 hours
12-18+ months 6 to 8 hours

So, following this is a responsibility for you, if you have a Pomeranian. As a social dog, it can’t live alone for a long time, you have to keep that in mind. 

How to choose the best crate?

If you have a doggy, you must have to have a crate for its comfort and safety. Before buying a crate you have to keep something to your knowledge.

  • Choose the best shop which has many collections of crates
  • Before choosing a shop, consult with other pet masters and ask them which shop would be a better option.
  • After choosing the shop, choose the best crate from them. 
  • Before choosing the crate for your dog, decide which size should be good enough for your dog. Your dog’s age is the only factor here for deciding the size of the crate. Choose such a crate, where your dog can stand up, sit, crawl around and lie down. 
  • Choose a well-made crate that can not be easily broken down or damaged. 
  • Make sure you buy a cover for that crate for an emergency reason such as heavy rainfall, extreme light (this can disturb the dog while sleeping), preventing winter blow, etc. 

If you keep these things in your mind, then you can buy the best fit crate for your dog.


In conclusion, the best way to maintain your dog is that you buy both a crate and a playpen for different reasons. Each of these is essential for the well-being and good training of your dog. If you can’t afford to have both of these, then you can have at least one. In that case, I must say you better buy a crate for your dog. Because it has multipurpose uses as I have mentioned earlier. Best of luck!! 


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