Pomeranian puppies tend to belong to a generally smaller breed and are a cute addition to the family. They’ve got soft, fluffy fur and are overall a small dog breed.

How many puppies can a Pomeranian have? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell because the puppies look similar. However, it’s crucial to know how many puppies there might be in the litter size. Since they are small dogs, you don’t want to be overrun with Pomeranians!

The average size litter for Pomeranians and other small dogs ranges from one to three puppies. However, the litter size could be as large as five pups. Rarely, Poms can have six or seven puppies.

It’s hard to guess how many puppies might be born because it varies between dogs and depends on the dog’s age at conception. Most dogs have one to three but always be prepared for more puppies.

Generally, Pomeranians have smaller litters compared to other breeds. With that, you need to know that some dogs only give birth a few times in their lives, and some go into labor each year. Here’s what you need to know about litter sizes:

When to Learn the Size of Litter

When expecting a litter of puppies, it’s not easy to know how many you might find. There are various methods to tell you how many puppies she could have, but none are perfect.

You might not wait very long. Some larger dogs tell you they’re pregnant after 21 days. However, it’s best to wait until 25 to 26 days to start checking the pregnancy to see how many puppies the dog has.

Whenever you touch the dog’s uterus, you should feel bumps and lumps. I know it might seem a bit weird, but these are the puppies’ heads, and it’s possible to count them. However, they’re the size of an eraser, so that might not be a good indication of how many pups you get.

Show-quality parents who are really nervous about it could go to the vet and try to get a better idea. They can offer an ultrasound to your dog and accurately tell the puppy count so that you can determine a good birth plan.

How many Pomeranian Puppies in One Litter?

Most people feel that the age of the dog doesn’t play a role for how many puppies they produce, but it can affect reproductive capacity.

Overall, the age of the teacup Pomeranians plays a role in litter size. Female Pomeranians that are three years or old might have larger litters than young moms. Despite that, there are exceptions to the rule. It’s no secret that age is a huge impact on the size of anyone’s offspring. Many dog owners go with the overall rule of thumb that moms from 2 to 5 years old have higher numbers of puppies. However, the first two litters are always lower.

With that, you must worry about labor complications when multiple puppies are inside. The growing puppy requires more room, and the first puppy out often is smaller.

Is the First Litter the Largest Compared to Other Dog Breeds?

Typically, the age of the dog plays a role in the number of the litter and the size. Breeding plays a part, too, but other breeds tend to have large litter sizes at first, whereas the pink teacup Pomeranian has a smaller puppy size initially.

Still, dogs between 2 and 5 years old have larger puppies for the small breeds they are. The first litters are smaller, with the third and fourth pregnancies being the biggest.

Pomeranian puppy with grass, new born pomeranian puppy

How Many Litters Does a Pomeranian Have in One Year?

To abide by the Kennel Club rules, a Pomeranian may only have one litter each year. Sometimes, two litters in 18 months are permitted.

Can Pomeranians Have Six Puppies?

A Pomeranian is a tiny ball of energy. Though Pomeranians belong to a small breed, they tend to have more babies in one litter. Most litters don’t have any dead puppies, and they can produce up to six puppies, though one puppy is possible.

Teacup Pomeranians don’t have a set number of pups at a time, and it’s also important to note that they might not all reach adult size.

If your Pom isn’t healthy, she could develop black skin disease or display unusual behavior by about eight weeks pregnant.

Is the First Born Puppy the Biggest?

The first puppy born is often the smallest compared to the last one. The black Pomeranian never really focuses on how large each dog is. They love them all and try to nurse them fairly.

How to Tell How Many Puppies a Pom Might Have?

The only way to tell how many pups the white Pomeranian has is by asking a veterinarian. They can estimate the size of the litter for the dog with X-rays, ultrasound, or palpation.

Is a Pomeranian Pregnant for 70 Days?

If you’ve got a black and white Pomeranian, you may want to know how long they’re pregnant. The term gestation focuses on the time at conception through birth and is about 63 days. The first three weeks don’t show any signs that the dog is carrying puppies.

Is the Second Litter the Best?

Female dogs are more fertile after age 2. However, fertility starts to decrease around the time that they are four and can end at five for the Pomeranian. Black Pomeranian offspring should be healthy, so they should have average-sized litters and live long enough to breed early in the life cycle.

Typically, female dogs are fertile when young, which produces healthy and energetic puppies. Most Pomeranians experience morning sickness throughout the pregnancy, so it’s important that you monitor their food intake.

Is the Biggest Puppy the Healthiest?

The largest pup in the litter could become a big dog, but they need more nutrients to outgrow the others. Childhood nutrition has a lasting effect on the dog’s shape throughout its life. If they don’t get enough, it could cause irreversible damage.

Underfed puppies might not develop correctly, which causes stunted growth.

All Puppies Surviving – Is This Normal?

Generally, yes, it’s normal for all of the puppies to survive the birthing process. However, it’s crucial to see a vet soon after to find any potential health issues before they become severe or debilitating.

How Many Puppies Are Normal for First Litter?

There’s a huge variation in the litter size that your dog can have, and it runs from one to four puppies. The world record was made by a Neapolitan Mastiff in 2004 with 24 puppies! Puppies are a joy to have, but they come in various sizes. Other breeds might have up to 12 at one time, but this isn’t possible for Pomeranians and other toy breeds.

Generally, the range is one to three, but there can be up to six.

How Big Is a Pomeranian Puppy at Birth?

All the puppies are tiny and only weigh 2 to 5 ounces. However, they can grow up to 10 pounds.

Does the Belly Drop Before Labor?

Sometimes, the belly does drop in the dog before they go into labor. You should ensure that they have a comfortable whelping box. She might start panting, acting restless, and shivering. This can happen six hours before anything truly happens.

Why You Shouldn’t Have Two Puppies from the Same Litter

Some owners believe it’s better to adopt two puppies from separate litters because they might bond more closely with the new family. Otherwise, they could only have a love for each other. Experts tend to disagree and believe that this doesn’t matter because puppies are socialized during their development phases before they’re adopted.

With that, some people prefer to adopt two dogs from different litters so that they don’t get so close and only think about each other. Intuitively, it makes sense, so it’s up to you!

Can Pomeranians Have 15 Puppies?

The average number in a litter varies based on breed and size. Small breed dogs might have fewer than three puppies, and larger ones could have seven to eight babies at once.

Scientists have found that the average litter size depends on the mother’s size, too.

Overall, some breeds never produce more than one or two pups, and others can have 15. However, because Poms are so small, they could never have 15 puppies at once.

Caring for a Pregnant Pomeranian

When the Pomeranian is pregnant, it’s crucial to take an active role in caring for her. Make sure she’s getting plenty of rest and has a stress-free environment. Small breeds tend to have more labor complications.

From the day you realize she is pregnant up until she gives birth, you may have to make modifications. It’s crucial that your dog doesn’t carry extra weight. With that, if you feel that something might happen, you need someone on standby to watch 24/7.

It’s best to be careful what you feed your Pomeranian at this time. You don’t have to give her more food, but she might need more frequent meal breaks. With that, consider adding more calcium-rich foods to her diet.

I recommend getting a whelping box and letting your pregnant dam get used to it. She might even sleep there all the time, making it a comfortable spot to relax and have her babies.

When in doubt, it’s best to go to the vet. They can help you learn how to take care of your pregnant Pomeranian so that you can welcome the new puppies safely.

Welcoming the New Pomeranian Puppies

It’s now been a long wait, and your dog is ready to give birth. Before too much celebration, you should make sure everything is okay. Though there’s sure to be excitement all around, you need to figure out how many puppies the mom had and make sure none were stuck inside her belly. This happens more in small breeds.

Once your dog gives birth, she’s likely to bleed. You may also notice physical and behavioral changes, which is normal as the new mom watches her babies grow and develop. If something seems off, don’t try to take care of it yourself. Instead, take the entire new family to the vet immediately for observation.


How many puppies can a Pomeranian have? This question isn’t very easy to answer because there are so many factors.

If you choose to buy your Pom, make sure that you get a well-bred dog. Reputable breeders can help you pick a single Pom that meets all of your needs and can bring new puppies into the world.

Whether the goal is to have a purebred Pomeranian or a mixed breed, you now understand how many puppies she can have!

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