Pomeranians are small tiny dogs that quite expensive. Pomeranian can cost you in the range of 500$ to 3500$. But mostly between 600$ to 1400$. 

I’m going to talk about something that not everyone is pleased to talk about but if you are here that means one thing and one thing only. You are interested in owning a Pomeranian Dog. Now, I’m going to cover those topics, Pomeranian cost, Pomeranian handling and caring cost, Traning cost, what’s the rarest Pomeranian you can find, in terms of breed and color, etc..

Now, Before we jump into the heart of this article I want to talk about the factors of this dog cost. As you can see it is well priced. and you ask “Why They are so expensive?”. Well to answer this I can go further and compare this kind of luxury as having a dog to having a NICE computer to last for 4-5 years, or having a smart TV that entertains you for 4-6 years. But, Dogs. As far as they can become can be very happy and well contribute to the energy of a Home and with a life expectancy of 12-16 years.

Now that we are in the perspective of what you get in favor of your money, let’s talk about what you are looking for. Do you look for a family dog or a champion or a show dog? for example, a purebred dog will cost you more than just buying directly from some random breeder. It cost depends on the age of the Pomeranian and the color of his fur. and of curse the country you are in.most-expensive dog list my first pomeranian

  • Pomeranian spits – $800 — $2,500
  • Dogo Argentino – $1,000 — $4,000
  • Akita – $800 — $4,500
  • Rottweiler – $1,000 — $6,000
  • Pharaoh Hound – $1,200 — $6,500
  • Azawakh -$3,000 — $6,500
  • Tibetan Mastiff – $2,500 — $7,000
  • Chow Chow – $900 — $8,500
  • Löwchens -$4,800 — $10,000
  • Samoyed -$4,000 — $11,000

if you are asking yourself why those poms are so expensive I can tell you its because they are like any other thing in the world. they are demanded.

What is the most expensive pomeranian?

Well, The rarest Pomeranian known is the purebred Black Fur Pomeranian Also called the WOLF-DOG. Also, there are some variations of Black & White that can go up to almost 5,000$. Consider the factor of color, age, and gender, Female Pom’s are harder to find.

Those dogs are luxurious and expensive but of course, they have their own pros. The fact that you own one Pomeranian dog can actually raise your home insurance

What is the rarest pomeranian to find?

Well, as far as the above paragraph covered most of this answer I want to explain more on the triggers that get the price high. what you should consider is whatever the dog was in the hands of a person of just a breeder that grows them like a framer.

Because that’s gonna affect their behavior very much later on training. and those dogs are not easy to train. In case you buy a puppy Pom which in most cases, Then I suggest you look for the color you want. his size and his mother of course. It’s highly recommended that you don’t take him in less than 2 weeks from his mother.

The top factors to consider when looking at Pomeranian price are the lineage of the puppy, the location you buy from, his litter size, if you go through some training before, and of course his fur color.

The absolute rarest Pomeranian you can find is the smallest one Black purebred Pomeranian with certification.

How much does it cost to maintain a pomeranian?

This matter is another really big deal for first-time Pomeranian owners. this question comes a lot from those who want to know whatever they should buy or adopt. I wouldn’t lie and tell you it’s cheap to care for a Pom because it is not the case. Pomeranian is a luxury dog and does require some money to care for.



You most probably want to have a trainer which will cost you between 5,000-10,000$. Those dogs are NOT easy to train and require a lot of attention. This is the expensive option of getting him into daycare training. Of course, you can pay for a daily session with a home trainer for about 100$-150$ and group training for about 20$-30$.

Food and Treats

This will be the good news for you now, for such small dogs that weigh in around 4-8lb their food capacity is quite small. You will want to feed them 3 times a day with a small amount(depends on the age).although they eat small amounts they still need nutritious food with fish in it. You will want to invest in their food because they have a really small and fragile stomach. also, it recommends buying healthy treats for their teeth or just for their pleasure.

A 30lb bag of dog food should last you for almost 3 months and only be around $55.

• 1/2 cup for a 1-pound puppy (recommend to leave their food out all the time, because their sugar in the blood drops fast.)

• 1 cup for a 3-pound puppy

• 1 and 1/2 cups for a 5-pound dog

• 2 cups for a 6-pound dog


Health Care and Veterinary Bills

Keep them exercised and on a good diet and they will stay healthy. it’s highly recommended that you go to the vet once a year to check up with your dog. In case you won’t do a follows and go cheap on that you can find diseases you could catch early and manage. These vet check-ups will cost you around 20$ to 75$.

  1. There are some rare conditions your Pom can suffer from, One of those conditions is patellar luxation. To take care of this condition you will need around 1,500$ to 3,000$.
  2. Being such small dogs they can also suffer from some heart conditions including patent ductus arteriosus. this can lead to heart failure later in their life. This condition will be cured only with surgery that will cost around 2,500$ to 5,000

They can also suffer from dental problems because of their small muzzles.

Don’t let this scare you. Those are some rarest conditions your Pomeranian might suffer from. But, you should consider this.


Grooming is one of my favorite things in Pomeranian dogs. I just love how their fur is looking and smell after a good grooming session. Their beautiful coat will need care for at least every month. you should look after their need because you want your Pom to look the best! It’s recommended that you go to a professional groomer once in 1-2 months. That will cost you about 30$ to 90$ for each visit. You can also buy the tools and do that yourself.

You are recommended to generally wash your Pomeranian Cut and blow-dried their fur and even nail trimming and teeth cleaning him. those dogs are luxurious and needed the best care to stay the best for you. I promise you after this grooming session they will be smiling at you with the greatest smell you ever smelled for a dog.


You can be browsing all day at dog stores online and buy stuff for your little new baby.

This dog as much as other dogs need their regular dog stuff needs. like Collars, Leads, Harnesses, dog tags, Toys, Beds, Crates, and food/Water Bowls. Some are a must and some don’t. Owners can spend as much as they like/afford on the extra and “fun” things to have for your little Pom.

Owners should spend whatever they would like to, or can afford, on the ‘fun’ things.

Remember some products will be needing replacement such as a bigger collar as your puppy grows. You would most likely want to spoil your dog with Toys so they will have something to play with. How much you spend on those items is yours to tell.

how much does pomeranian cost


Pomeranian Dogs can be expensive but they are worth it. They are full of energy they can bring a lot of life into the home and family. Pomeranian dogs are wonderful and everything you heard about them is true. Also, they are highly intelligent dogs that can understand the needs of the human. Their caring does require quite a big price tag so you should consider this. Also, You don’t have to do all that listed here but as I said, some things are a necessity and some don’t, like any other dog breed.

If you still have doubts about whatever you should getting a pomeranian or not then you can take a look at those 7 tips before getting a pomeranian.

If you ask me, Don’t Buy, Adopt

A dog life doesn’t need to be bought or traded. It’s not some politically correct way to present this site or my way of thinking in a good matter. I think you shouldn’t buy them right away. Just passed by the closest adopting place you have near your home. You can also just ask some pom owners if they know somebody. Also, You will learn a lot from just asking questions about their caring Pom. Anyway, Check first with yourself and around you if you are capable of adopting. It will save you some money and you did something good for the world. and I promise you the world WILL give you back for this.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and I answered the questions you had in mind.

Write me down in the comments section below what holding you down from getting a Pomeranian dog.