If you have a Pomeranian that’s driving you crazy, there’s no need to panic. They are lovely, energetic creatures when taught how to behave. By simply applying the principle of positive reinforcement, you can calm your crazy Pomeranian. 

Pomeranians are cute and lovely creatures to be part of your family. Pomeranians are a hyperactive breed of dogs. They are very energetic and sometimes you might want to calm them down. Here are some of the common problems Pom owners usually face from day to day.

  • Pom won’t stop barking. 
  • It is too clingy.
  • Pom wants to go outside the house all the time.
  • Pom always chases after my pet cat.
  • It chews on everything in sight. 
  • Pom pees and poops anywhere. 


My Pomeranian Won’t Stop Barking!

One of the things a dog owner has to watch out for when owning a dog is incessant barking. All dogs bark, for sure. However, when it’s a Pomeranian that’s barking, it will sound instantly louder and ringing. Thus, they are wonderful guard dogs to have at home. Their loud barks play an important role in alerting you.

Here’s the catch, though. Poms, especially the puppies, get excited pretty much over anything. They get hyped up over lizards on the walls, ants crawling on the floor, and even flies and mosquitoes. There’s simply nothing that won’t excite these little guys. When these dogs get excited, they bark their lungs out which could get annoying. 

There could be underlying reasons as to why your Pom is barking non-stop. Most commonly, it is only because they are very hyperactive and energetic. In this case, there’s nothing to worry about because simple tricks and activities could get them to calm down. However, there are cases when they really won’t stop barking. 

It could be that your dog is suffering from a health condition that you might not be aware of. Barking could only be a sign that your dog is in pain or uncomfortable. In this case, you may want to visit the veterinarian to get things checked out. 

However, don’t worry much. This only happens rarely. Pomeranians are naturally barkers because they descend from a line of guard dogs. Moreover, there are plenty of ways you can employ to make your Pom behave and stop barking all the time. 

Now, what should be done when your Pom is acting this way? Nothing works like a simple discipline training. Place your Hyper Pomeranian in his or her own room or crate if he’s going berserk. Allow your dog to bark as much as he or she wants and don’t be affected. Eventually, your dog will calm down and realize that barking won’t work on you. 

If you feel like using another method, here’s another. Whenever your dog acts out by barking incessantly, tell him “No bark!” or “Stop barking!”. If your dog stops barking, immediately reward him or her with a treat. The positive reinforcement technique will surely teach your Pom to behave at command. With repetition and patience, you can get your Hyper Pomeranian to learn how to stop barking when unnecessary.

There are fun things in the pet store you can get to aid your training. The Pet Corrector comes in a small aerosol can. It doesn’t contain any  This emits a hissing sound to interrupt barking of your Poms. It’s been proven to be highly effective and is widely used by dog trainers all over the world. 

When using this product, avoid directly spraying it on your dog’s face or body. It’s also unsuitable for small puppies. Thus, it should only be your last resort for training your misbehaving Pom.

If all else fails, you should seek the help of professionals. However, this only happens in rare situations. In most cases, a simple training and lots of patience will do the trick. Professional trainers may help you if you feel like nothing is working. 

My Pom Is Too Clingy!

We all love a cuddly, clingy dog especially when we’re feeling lonely and down. However, when this gets out of hand, it could get annoying. We all have our own lives after all, don’t we? But we don’t just want to leave our dogs feeling ignored and neglected. 

If you find that your dog just follows you around from room to room all the time, it could be a sign that your Pom has become too clingy. Some breeds are more prone to becoming clingy. 

The key here is to teach your Pom how to be independent. Place him or her in a crate or room with plenty of toys to play with. This way, your energetic Pomeranian will learn how to enjoy without being in your presence all the time. 

Moreover, you can also give your Pom treats while in the crate to reinforce this desired behavior. It would also help if you could get your Pom to socialize with other dogs so that the attention will be taken away from you even for a little while. 


The key here is to not reward clingy behavior. 

My Pom Thinks My Stuff Are All Chew Toys!

Dogs pretty much use their mouth for anything. They use it to eat, play, bark, and many other things. Thus, it is not surprising that you will find them chewing on random things in sight when you’re not looking. 

When they are bored, the tendency for them is to use their mouth to chew on random things they see. Thus, you don’t want them to get bored most of the time or else they’ll be chewing up on your precious belongings. Provide them with toys they can chew on. Safe toys for dogs could be toys made of cloth, rubber or plastic chew bones, etc. Never give them real cooked chicken bones to play with as they could break up and injure your dog’s mouth. 

There are plenty of innovative stuff you can get to stop your Pom from chewing your things. You can easily get an anti-chewing spray or paste from the pet store. Simply put this on things they like to chew on and they will soon learn that your belongings are not to be played with! What once was tasty to them will suddenly taste unpleasant, thus, discouraging them to chew. 

Of course, it’s always best to keep any valuables away from your dog’s reach. Remove all the chewing temptations in front of your dog. 

As with any type of skill or behavior you want to enforce on your energetic Pomeranian, positive reinforcement will always work. If your dog is currently chewing on your stuff, tell them to stop chewing or release. Once he or she does this, instantly reward them with a treat. This will teach them that not chewing on your things is a behavior you approve of. 

My Pet Pom Wants To Be Free!

Sometimes, your Pom might want to break out of his or her shell. They may want to explore the outside running around and barking. This poses a great risk on them from getting lost or getting run over by vehicles outside. Of course, no pet owner would want that. 

Obviously, pet owners would resort to methods from keeping their Poms from always rushing out of the door. As with the other problems, the solution would be patiently training them. Whenever the door would be open, as in when you’re about to leave home or get something outside, tell your dog to “Sit. Stay”. If your dog behaves and follows the command, reward him or her with a treat. 

Through this method, your Pom will realize and learn that they shouldn’t always rush out the door when the door is open. It would be highly ideal if this method always worked for all dogs. However, there are times when your dog just won’t quit. This time, you can now take things to the next level by placing a physical barrier. Install a fence that fits through the front door so your dog has no choice but to remain in the house. 

I Can’t Stop My Pom from Chasing My Cat

Having an energetic Pom is already a huge headache. What more if you already own a pet cat? This surely will end in chaos in your home. Dogs typically chase after other animals such as cats. However, too much of this might end badly. Both your pets could get injured from knocking over a mug on the table. Moreover, if things get heated up, your cat might scratch and bite your dog or the other way around. No pet owner wants that. 

When this is a problem, what you can do is spray a little water on your Pom’s face. Only do this if your Pom is actively trying to chase your cat around. This will serve as a warning that the behavior shouldn’t be done. Moreover, it also diverts your dog’s attention from your cat. 

You may also want to provide your dog with toys to chase. There are plenty of remote control-operated toys you can give your dog so he or she won’t chase your other pets. 


Help! My Pom Relieves Himself Anywhere!

This is probably one of the most difficult and annoying problems any dog owner might have. If your dog just comes and goes wherever he or she wants, it’s definitely a big problem. No one wants to get up every once in a while, to see a huge pile of poop in the middle of the living room. Especially not if there are guests over! 

The good thing is that pet owners can do something about it. There’s nothing a good ‘ol potty training can’t do. Moreover, you can also use a belly band. This will control your dog from peeing anywhere and everywhere. It’s commonly used to house train dogs. Furthermore, it’s ideal for dogs who always try and mark places with his or her scent. 

If your dog has already relieved inside your home, don’t worry. Use a strong cleanser to remove any trace of smell in the area. If you want to be more meticulous about this, feel free to use UV light to visualize other uncleaned areas left. 

Poms are indeed fun, energetic creatures. Raising one in your home is definitely a challenge. However, there are ways you can implement to make sure your dog is behaving well while still having fun in your home. 


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