Hey, If you got here I guess your little angle is getting you crazy by barking all the time. Let me tell you something before you start your research. Pomeranian’s bark alot! Your pomeranian barking is not an unsual. Although you can minimize the barking by finding the reasons and triggers and try to avoid then and by that teaching and replacing your Pom habits. 

Some questions you might have that will clear some things to you:

Question: Why my Pomeranian barking?

Answer: First of all, Barking is natural for lovely Pomeranian. If a dog does not bark then it could be a problem. Because it’s a natural habit. But it’s required to know about natural barking. Incessantly you need to remember that a Pomeranian’s bark is their voice.

Question: Why my Pomeranian started barking when she saw me?

Answer: Don’t get concern if your Pomeranian started barking when she saw you. They want to communicate with you or they want to tell you something by barking. But remember it should never be an annoyance.

Question: Why my Pomeranian started barking when they see some new people?

Answer: Pomeranians are very cool minded. But, sometimes they started barking when they see some new people around them. It could be because they don’t know them or it could be an alert for you. Don’t get angry at that time.

Question: Is there any kind of product that could help me to control the barking of my Pomeranian?

Answer: There are lots of products available in the market to control your Pomeranian barking. But you need to about them in detail. Because it could be harmful to your Pomeranian. We’ll tell you about a product which you can try yourself. So please continue reading.

How to stop Pomeranian barking      

If you concern about your Pomeranian barking then you should not train her to not bark. But there are ways to stop your Pomeranian barking incessantly.

  • They need to teach him some good habits.
  • You need to teach him how to act.
  • You have to proper communication with your Pomeranian.
  • Your Pomeranian should know how to talk the right way.

Spend more time with your pom. Teach them some good habits. Barking too much is not a good way to communicate with anyone. Too much barking is looked like aggressive. Other people will think your dog is pretty aggressive. Don’t stop their barking but stop them from became aggressive. Pomeranians are too much cute. Everybody loves them. If someone sees your pet, they want to communicate with them. But if your cutie started barking it could be an awkward situation. That does not look great.


Why Pomeranian barking

As we talk and make noise. Pomeranian bark and try to communicate with us. Don’t stop their barking by yelling. try to identify why they are barking. There are some points for you to understand why Pomeranian is barking.


  • Most of the time your Pomeranians started barking when they want to protect you. Do you know Pomeranians were bred down from the German Spitz? Because of German Spitz Pomeranians are become awesome guard dog. They became good watchdogs. You can easily tell Pomeranians are big dogs in a small shape. Pomeranians are always alert. Like a pet dog, they want to always protect their loved one.
  • Because it is about protection. Pomeranian always wants to protect their loved one as well as themselves too. If they saw something unknown or dangerous. They started barking.
  • If you are next to him during their eating time. It is annoying to them. They need peacetime when they are eating. If they get disturbed at their eating time they could be started barking.
  • Pomeranians are very intelligent. They could feel bored and alone. If they feel so, they could start barking.
  • Pomeranians are pretty socialized. Invite your friends to your home. Take your Pomeranian to meet them and play with them. You need to socialize your Pomeranian. Otherwise, they’ll start barking.
  • Always give your Pomeranian new toys. Pomeranians are love to play with toys. Toys give them some playtime and some exercise. It helps them to not bark.
  • Coming or leaving home barking is natural. When you are coming or leaving your home you Pomeranian will start barking.
  • When your Pomeranian needs your attention. Your Pomeranian will start barking.

Be easy to your Pomeranian. They just want your attention and love. Most of the time when you leave the house or enter the house. You Pomeranian get too much excited and started barking. After reading above you’ll understand how they act and why they act when you leave the house or enter the house.

How your Pomeranian acting when you leave the house or enter the house

Pomeranians are very cute pets. They always do some actions to get your attention. They always like to get attention. Most of the time when you’ll leave the house or enter the house, you’ll see the Pomeranian acting. Let’s point some actions they always like to do.

  • Pomeranians always start barking when they saw you are leaving or enter the house.
  • They always try to show you some new trick to you. As always they are attention hunters.
  • A Pomeranian always comes and attaches to your body. Because he saw you after a long time and he doesn’t want to leave you again.
  • They will try to communicate with you by barking. They always try to make socialize themselves.

Pomeranians are getting too much excited when you enter the house or leaving the house. They want to communicate with you and want to tell you what they have done when you are not in the home. After all, they are attention hunters. They always do some actions to get your attention. Give more attention to your loved one. It’ll make him attentive and also it’ll help him to not bark without any reason.

Best way to improve Pomeranian barking habit

Every one of us loves our Pomeranian. We treat them like our kids. It’s our duty to improve their habits. As a parent, you have to always give him some more time. Spending time could be a medicine of all kinds of bad habits. As well as there is some more option you can try yourself. Let’s talk about them.

Play Games

Pomeranian always likes to play games. You have to regularly play games with him. Playing some time with your Pomeranian makes him more active and peaceful. Play games can make a fresh mind of your and your Pomeranians. so start play games from today. Also, it’ll help them to improve their barking habit.


Do you know Pomeranians are really loved toy? They loved the toy more than any other toy. They really like to play with their toy. So give them a toy to play. Use some trick. Give them some useful toy which will be helpful. It’ll help them on their physical growth as well as their barking habit.

Dog walking

In the UK, The Kennel Club conducted a survey of 1,000 dog owners and found that one in five did not walk their dogs on a daily basis. That’s mean most of UK love to walk with their dogs. It really feels great. In my personal opinion if you don’t do it. Please start it from tomorrow. Because it’ll not only good for your Pomeranian also good for yourself. You can spend more lightful time with your Pomeranian and nature. It’ll help them to improve their bad habits, barking habit and also in their growth.


If you don’t get any improvement by doing these activities then you should take the help of professionals. They can check up your Pomeranian and give you a good solution. It is always recommended to get help from professional pet doctors.


Yes. Music. Does your dog whine or cry when you leave the house? Are your neighbors getting sick of your barking pooch? If any of the above are true of your best friend, your dog could be suffering from anxiety and is distressed. You can try this music program to help your Pomeranian with anxiety. Especially if you tried everything already.

Pet Corrector

Do you have heard about Pet Corrector? Pet corrector can handle your Pomeranian’s barking. It emits a hiss of compressed gas to interrupt your Pomeranian’s unwanted behavior like barking or jumping up. This sound is heard like a cat or snake. After hearing the sound they get distracts and try to find what is happening. That helps them to peace and stop barking. You should try this product yourself. You can make changes in the habits of your Pomeranian. Also, you can train your Pomeranian with Pet corrector. Every can size is 50ml and it can spray 50 times. You can easily carry it in your pocket. Remember one last thing, use it like a professional. Remember it not a toy for play.



  • Pet corrector can stop bad habits & retrain positive actions to your Pomeranian
  • Pet corrector doesn’t contain any kind of harmful chemicals. So you don’t need to panic. But use it as an adult or a professional.
  • It is also recommended to improve the jumping habit of your Pomeranian. It also helps to improve jumping up habits.
  • House manners are very important for your Pomeranian. Pet corrector can teach some house manners to your Pomeranian.


  • Pet corrector is not recommended for little Puppies. Also, don’t spray it on your body.
  • Never be pointed directly pet corrector at a dog, nor any part near your body.


Question:  This product looks like a can of compressed air used to clean electronics. Is it the same?

Answer: First of all, yes it looks like the same. But it is not like that. Pet corrector only make a sound of hiss.