How to get rid of fleas forever

Question: My Pomeranian gets attack from Pomeranian fleas and ticks. What product should I use? If I choose any wrong product is it’ll be harmful to my Pomeranian? How I can choose the right product? Owner: Rafael

Answer: Hi Rafael, thank you for your question. First of all, Do not choose any product before you know that thing is good for your Pomeranian. Almost every Pomeranian suffer from fleas and ticks problems. You only need to good care and use the right product. In my personal opinion first contact with an animal care professional. Check up one time your little cham there. They could give you a better suggestion. Without a prescription, any medicine could be harmful. When your professionals are telling you to use a product you can choose any of them. There are lots of product out in the market.

These products will only work when you choose the correct type according to your pet, the environment and how far along the infestation is. You choose the right product as you need. A wrong product could be harmful to your Pomeranian. Because a wrong product may put the health of your little buddy at risk.

If you need to choose the right product then you can read our full article. We are going to show you these products which will help you to choose the right product for your Pomeranian.

Symptoms of Pomeranian fleas and ticks

But first of all, we need to know how the Pomeranian acting when he has ticks or fleas and how to handle it well. So we’ll be talking about how to find your Pomeranian got fleas and ticks.

  • If you see your Pomeranian raised itchy bumps and frequent scratching, chewing, licking and/or excessive grooming then it might be a possibility of Pomeranian flea and ticks.
  • Flea bite dermatitis (commonly called “hot spots”) there could be some hair loss, bald patches also in extreme cases, swelling or blistering.
  • It also can put some weight loss to your Pomeranian.
  • Diarrhea can happen also.
  • Visible tapeworm segments found in pet’s stool or bedding

These are the main symptoms to identify Pomeranian fleas and ticks. If you see this behavior you’ll understand your Pomeranian is effected by Pomeranian flea and ticks. Now, it’s time to say how could you handle the situation.

  • First of all, use a flea comb to remove those existing Pomeranian fleas.
  • Also, you can do to bath your pet with a topical flea shampoo.
  • Always keep net and clean your home.
  • If your pet condition gets bad then please take him to a pet doctor.
  • Finally, you can use these products. Read the article very properly then you can understand how important these products are for you.

Now we’ll show you some very useful products which you can use on Pomeranian fleas and ticks. These products will keep away your dog from fleas and ticks. We’ll discuss the products its pros and cons and some FAQ.

These are the best products for the best flea treatment for 2020:

Vet’s Best Dog Flea + Tick Home Spray – personally that is my first choice when it comes to dog flea and mosquitos. no bad smell and last for a long time.

Dr. GreenPet Spray

Fleas and ticks are problems for our family and pets. They can carry germs and diseases. That could make all of you sick. Currently, in the market there are lots of ordinary flea treatment products are available. These products are too risky they’re made from chemicals, poisons, and toxins.

Dr. GreenPet spray is a completely safe and non-toxic option for Pomeranian flea and tick. It can be used for dogs as well as the cat. Dr. GreenPet spray is easy to use this tick and flea spray comes in an easy-to-squeeze spray bottle for fast working experience. Some spray smell very badly but Dr. GreenPet spray smells nice and great. This product is made by the USA and many people use it as well as like because of its performance. So you can give it a try to see the performance.


  • Dr. GreenPet Spray is made from essential oil and 100% natural ingredients.
  • This product doesn’t carry any kind of chemicals, poisons, and toxins. It is completely safe for animals and the human body.
  • Most of the flea and tick smells not well. But, Dr. GreenPet smells great.


  • If your pet carries any other disses this spray could be harmful to him. Firstly, check up your pet.


Question: How often do people use spray-on their pets? Daily? Monthly?

Answer: Since we are surrounded by tall grass and woods, I usually spray my dog once every two weeks. The smell seems to last about that long.

Natural Flea & Tick Spray

Natural flea and tick spray (on Chewy)is specially made for Pomeranians. The natural spray is made by Natural chemistry. This is 100% natural and working products. Its made from 3 kinds of great oil. Cinnamon oil, cedarwood oil, and clove oil are used to make this spray. Natural Flea & Tick Spray is combined all-natural botanical ingredients that work synergistically with one another to provide the best result as you want. This product works well because it’s specially made for dogs. Most of the products don’t work because they want to make this for all kind of pets. But most of them get failed.


  • This is an organic and oily product, that’s why it is safe and sounds.
  • Natural flea and tick spray kills and repels fleas & ticks.
  • It is also effective on fleas and ticks as well as black flies and mosquitoes.
  • It contains no pyrethrins.


  • This spray is made and especially works for dogs.


Question: Does Natural spray use every 7 days or every day? Thank you

Answer: I use it once a week during the summer time. once a month when it was cold. We live in the woods, so there always seems to be some kind of bug lurking in the brush, no matter how cold it’s been.

Pest Peeve

Pest Peeve not like other sprays. Most of the flea and ticks sprays come in liquid type. But Pest Peeve comes as a powder. Pest Peeve is easy to use. It can kill flea and tick. Pest Peeve is recommended by many holistic vets around the world. Pest Peeve has some great quality to destroy Pomeranian fleas and ticks. Any kind of bad chemical could be extremely dangerous to your Pomeranian. But, Pest Peeve is safer then any other Pomeranian fleas and ticks spray. Pest Peeve is an eco-friendly product. I like their afterlife service. They create a happiness team. If you get kind of problem you can tell them and they’ll give you a proper suggestion to you.


  • Pest Peeve is safe for the human body and animals.
  • Pest Peeve is also safe for the environment its an eco-friendly, sustainable and humane alternative.
  • It is also safe for our household. Pest Peeve is free from nasties and made for every home.


  •  It may take some times to give you a proper result so you have to keep some patience.


Question: Is it really safe if you put it on a cat, and they lick themselves clean?

Answer: Of course, it’s safe, but it makes the animal’s fur “dirty'” feeling. The powder won’t hurt the cat if they lick it.


Insect Repellent

First of all, Insect Repellent is a cream or balm. This is a product of Curealia. You can use it on your Pomeranian. Insect Repellent is totally an herbal product. Its a healthy and safe product. Because there are lots of natural oils in it. And no bad chemical use in it. Your dog going to love it. Because it smells good. You’ll not find any kind of skin issue. The most important thing Fleas, Ticks, and Mosquitoes don’t like this product. After using it you’ll get a result. This product is freshly handmade in small batches. You’ll get the best quality and benefits for this product. Finally, use it in the right way. Because it is if you use it on the mouth, nose, and eyes it could be harmful.


  • Insect Repellent is made of 100% natural and herbal ingredients.
  • Healthy for the skin. Because there is no bad chemical use in it.
  • Specially made for Pomeranian fleas and ticks.


  • Insect Repellent is only for Dogs. Do not use it on your cat or other pet. Because it could be harmful to them.


Question: What is the best way to apply this?

Answer: Rub a pea-size (amount) in your hands and spread over and under your dog’s fur or you can massage it also. Actually, they will love it. Repeat this when scent dissipates, or if hiking in the woods.

All of these products are very good quality products. If you want to use it you can do so. All of these products are harmless. All these products are used on Pomeranian fleas and ticks. If you want to use any medicine product on your pet please firstly consult with someone professional. Any harmful medicine could be very bad for your pet. Keep it in your mind and finally use these good products because these are recommended from professionals.


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