No dog owner wants his or her pet to feel left out. However, not everyone has all the time of the day to set aside for their pets. The key to preventing Pomeranian anxiety is to divert their attention and keep them busy while you’re gone. Keep on reading to find out more.

Normally, a dog can carry on without its owner for some time. If you have other commitments and responsibilities such as school or work, there’s no need to worry. Most dogs are fine being left alone for around 8 to 9 hours. However, this is granted that your dog has all their needs such as food and drink, toys, etc. 

Leaving your dog for beyond that time period is not recommended. Food and drink may be depleted. Also, waste can also accumulate in their area. Thus, it’s advisable to have someone else petsit your dog if you’re planning to be away for a longer period of time.

Before anything else, you want to be able to spot when your Pom is having anxiety. While you’re away, you wouldn’t know how your dog’s behaving unless you actually have a dog cam. Here are some of the common signs you can easily spot when your Pom is having separation anxiety:

  • The dog is very clingy
  • Pomeranian barking incessantly
  • The dog acts fidgety while you’re preparing to leave the house
  • The home looks trashed – random things are chewed on, feces everywhere

On another note, it’s also important to figure out the underlying reason for your dog’s anxiety. When your dog is constantly stressed, he or she may show somatic symptoms and will later cause psychological fatigue and actual physical illness. No pet owner would want this to happen to their pets. 

The signs of an anxious dog were already discussed previously. It’s time to figure out the exact cause. This is so you can easily prevent it from happening. There are plenty of reasons for your dog feeling anxious. Sometimes, stress and anxiety might be seen by owners as misbehavior

One of the most common reasons is loud noises. We all know how New Year’s Eve can be a stressful day for dogs. You’d usually hear lots of Pomeranian house barking due to stress. This is because of the loud noises from all the fireworks. Even though it might not be New Year’s Eve, make sure that your pet’s environment isn’t too loud. If you know that it’s hurricane season, there might be thunderstorms in the way. Prepare your dogs for the loud noises. 

Another source of stress and anxiety for most Poms could be large gatherings. This is most evident if your dog is not used to having too many people around. If on most days, it is always just you and your dog at home, it would be difficult for dogs to adapt to parties. 

Get-togethers with friends and families are definitely fun. Of course, you want to share these moments with your Pomeranians too. However, this might cause stress if they’re not used to a large crowd. When there are too many people around, Poms get confused. Moreover, they also become disoriented, resulting in a great deal of anxiety. 

However, perhaps the most common reason for anxiety is when pet owners are leaving the house. A lot of dogs, even Pomeranians are not exceptions, are prone to separation anxiety. Now if you think that your dog may actually be suffering from separation anxiety, here are things you can do. 

Make your Pom’s environment comfortable. 

Here are things you should need to create a comfortable environment for your Pom:

  • Playpen
  • Canine bed
  • Play area with toys
  • Food and drink
  • Pee pads
  • Snuggle toy


Make sure to not place your Pom in a crate as this will exacerbate their stress. You want your Pom to be able to roam around and play to create a more comfortable and liveable space. The right place to house your Pom in is a playpen. This will lessen the chances that your Pom will feel claustrophobic. 

Furthermore, within the playpen, you should also provide a canine bed. Make sure to get your Pom a nice and sturdy quality bed for his or her naps. You can also give your Pom a nice set of toys within the playpen. For puppies, especially, you might want to include toys to be chewed on. This is also good to help prevent your Pom from chewing on random things. 

You should never forget to give fresh food and water. If you have the budget for it, it’s best to provide your dog with a canine water fountain. This is because you always want to provide fresh drinking water. This is something that plain water bowls can’t achieve. Furthermore, you can also provide nice food dispenser for your dog as well. Include some of your Pom’s comfort food to calm their nerves. 

For when your dog wants to pee, make sure pee pads are properly installed in the pen. If your Pom is already potty trained, this won’t be difficult. However, if you still haven’t gotten around to training, pee pads will work. 

Lastly, never forget to give your pet a nice-sized stuffed animal. This will make sure he or she doesn’t get lonely while you’re away. You can purchase specifically made dog companion toys in the market. Moreover, if you’re feeling like going all out, you might want to get a pet cam. These work like baby monitors so you can be with your pets at all times. 


Turn the lights on.

Common mistake pet owners usually commit is keeping the lights off before they leave the house. Always leave the lights on no matter what time of the day you’re leaving home. You never know what time you might come home, and when it’s already evening it’s dark. When your Pom is already lonely, a dark home could make him or her more anxious. 

Have some background noise while you’re away.

Dead silence can be deafening to your pet. The silence increases the level of anxiety for some pets. Thus, it is important to have some form of noise in the background while you’re away. 

You can leave the TV on with the volume a little bit turned down. This way, your dog won’t feel as alone as if it is dead silent in the room. Moreover, you can also turn on the radio or music players so your pet gets to listen to music while you’re away. 

However, keep in mind not to overdo it. Do not blast out loud music all over the house as loud noises increase the stress of dogs. Remember that their sense of hearing is greatly amplified. 

Take out your dog. 

Physical activity is always a good thing for our dogs. Allowing your dog to go out for a quick run to the park will release bottled up energy within. Exercise releases endorphins in your dog’s brain that will certainly relieve your dog’s anxiety. Furthermore, it can also boost their happiness along the way. 

Furthermore, this enhances the bonding between you and your pet. If your dog has recently suffered an anxiety attack, it would be good for you to comfort them. Make sure that you keep them close to you at all times to relieve some of their separation anxiety. Simply patting them on the head and caressing them will let them know that you care.

Give your dog a compression vest.

Compression or anxiety vests are famous among pet owners. These relieve the pet’s stress. The uniform pressure around the body of the pet releases endorphins in the brain. According to research, compression vests mimic the physical act of hugging. 

There are plenty of designs and colors of compression vests that you can get for your dog. Depending on the weather, you can choose which one suits your dog best. They are an instant and easy way to keep your dogs calm at all times.



If you know that there’s going to be a long office day coming up, you can train your Pom beforehand. Practice leaving home a couple of times to see how your Pom will take it. Do it at varying times and on a random basis. During this training, don’t be away for too long. Do it in short periods just to get your dog started. Repeatedly doing this routine will teach your dog to be more comfortable with you being away.

Dog training is a proven effective way to relieve Pomeranian anxiety. This is one of the best things you can do to help your dog out. It’s free and easy to do, too!

Dealing with your Pomeranian’s anxiety is a difficult task. However, there are plenty of solutions you can use to make things much easier for your dog. The key is to determine the underlying cause of your pet’s anxiety. This way, you can easily find the appropriate solution. 

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