Pomeranians are cute, and who doesn’t like to be with them? But if you are a Pomeranian owner, you should be ready to Pomeranian bite and other naughty things he does. Dogs biting the crates and other items are expected. However, it can become big trouble sometimes. Especially if your dog is biting the crate bars, it can cause major dental problems. 

Many dog owners don’t realize this problem until it is too late. The biting can become too severe, and it will not heal until oral surgery. So, let us look at the causes and how to stop your dog from nipping the crate.  


Reasons why my dog bites the crate

Several factors can cause the dog to bite the crate. This is too familiar in all breeds of dogs. So, let us look at the things that can cause the dogs to bite the crate bars. 

  • Your pet friend is teething. 
  • Biting can be because of the separation anxiety
  • Your dog may be afraid of the crate
  • If your dog is locked inside the crate for a more extended period
  • Your dog may be bored 
  • Your puppy wants to play and do exercise 

If you understand why your puppy is biting the crate, you can take appropriate actions to stop or reduce it. Some puppies just start this habit because of dullness. If you leave your pet for a prolonged period without any interaction or stimulation, they tend to start this habit. A few breeds are more prone to develop this habit. 

Should you worry if your dog starts biting the crate?

You purchase the kennel, and it will generally be attractive. But if your dog starts biting the crate, it can make your kennel look unattractive. Also, continuous chewing will reduce the lifespan of the kennel. 

The dogs’ crates are usually non-toxic, so you need not worry about the poison. However, if the dog is biting the crate continuously, it can damage your crate and cause injury.  It can also sometimes create problems for the teeth. Hence, you should regularly inspect the kennel condition; if the biting develops any sharp edges, it can cause damage to the mouth. 


How can you stop your dog from biting the crate?

Now let us look at how you can stop your puppies from biting the crate. 

Fearful puppies 

The experience can create many reactions from your dog. If you adopt a fearful puppy of crates, it can make them bite and try to break the crate. If your puppy experienced terrible things in the past inside the cage and if you lock them inside a crate again, it will make them remember the old bad memories and try to fight against it. However, you have the opportunity to change this behavior. If you train them with the positive association, you can gradually make them feel secure inside the crate, stopping them from biting the crate. 

Teething Puppies

You already got to know that if your puppy is bored, it will start to chew the crate or other items. Hence, if your puppy wants something to chew, why can’t you give an appropriate toy? While your puppy is inside the crate, provide a safe and proper toy to bite. The dog bones and similar toy items are suitable for your dog. These toys will help them to indulge in something rather than biting the crate. You can keep a stuffed Kong treat; it is durable, fun, and safe. These types of toys help to shift the attention of your puppy from crate bars. 

Solution for separation anxiety

If you find out your puppy is suffering from separation anxiety, keeping them inside a crate is not recommended. If you try to contain a puppy suffering from separation anxiety in a crate, it may increase anxiety. Consequently, your dog may try to get out of the cage, and it can hurt your puppy. Hence, do not lock your puppy inside a crate if you know it suffers from separation anxiety. The solution for this problem is seeking help from a professional animal trainer or behaviorist. 

Do not lock your dog inside a crate for too long.

As I mentioned earlier, the biting of the crate could be because of boredom. Hence, many pet professionals recommend not leaving your pet friend inside a crate for more than eight hours. If no one is there to look after your pet in your family due to workload or other commitments, you must hire a dog walker. They will help to give a needed break for your dog. It will help your dog to get some time to walk and play. Alternatively, you can take your pet to daycare while you are working. The biting of the crate means your dog is trying to communicate something. Hence, please don’t ignore your dog and understand him, and as per that, take necessary actions. 


How biting the crate affects your dog’s teeth?

If your puppy or adult dog keeps chewing the crate bars for a more extended period, it may cause their teeth to become worn down. This type of damage to the tooth may cause it to die, and ultimately, you need to remove it. If the tooth turns entirely white, it means it is not alive. Hence, as a pet owner, you must regularly check your pet’s mouth to check any abnormalities. 

You can look for the below signs in your pet’s mouth to check the tooth’s health. 

  • Brown, red, or black spots in the middle part of the tooth. 
  • Chipped parts of the tooth.
  • Brown or yellow accumulation tooth surface. 
  • Loose tooth.
  • Bloody saliva
  • Bad breath or abnormal odor.

If you find any of the above signs, you must take your pet to a veterinary doctor. 


Every activity your pet doe makes you feel happy. For the same reason, many dog owners don’t mind if it is biting the crate. But it can become a severe problem. The reasons for dogs biting the crates are boredom, fear, anxiety, or bad experiences. Identifying the reason and acting accordingly will make your dog happy and safe.  


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