A Pomeranian generally does not have an aggressive temperament. By nature, it is a friendly and cheerful dog. To treat this behavior, you need to dig deeper and reach for the root cause of the issue. And here they could be many. Your Pom could be afraid of other dogs, and he could be sick, he wants to show he is the boss, or your aggressive Pomeranian might require some training. You need to identify the cause before you start the treatment. And in this article, I will do just that. 

What is aggressive behavior?

First of all, let’s try to find out what aggressive behavior is? A Pomeranian, or any dog for that matter, would manifest his aggression in specific behavior patterns and moods. Pomeranian aggression can be divided into the following two categories;

  • Aggression towards people, including owners
  • Aggression towards dogs and other animals

Aggression towards people: It includes behaviors like a Pomeranian nipping and biting people, snapping in the air close to people, snarling, and aggressive housebreaking. Pomeranian growls can also mean aggression. Try to understand the underlying message in his growls, etc.

Aggression towards other animals: A Pomeranian can be aggressive towards other dogs, cats, ducks, chicks, etc. It includes barking, snarling, growling, baring teeth, point ears, raised hackles, stiff tail, eye to eye contact with other dogs, etc. 

How should you handle an aggressive Pomeranian?

I will answer this question by considering different scenarios where a Pomeranian can be aggressive. These can be the following;

  • In house
  • In Park
  • In walks
  • With friends

In house: If the Pom shows aggression within the confines of the home, he is experiencing some discomfort. It could be any physical or mental ailment. A visit to the vet might be able to help. If there is no health issue, it is because the Pom is feeling bored or unwanted. You better spend more time with him. Engage him in some healthy and playful activities. Taking him out for some walk or exercise might assuage his temperament. Sometimes, the dog is afraid of some noises or situations in the house. Make your home friendlier towards your dog. Minimize outside noise and interventions. If you have tried everything and his anger shows no abatement, better take him to a good trainer. He might be able to treat his behavior.

In Park: A park is a fun place for a Pomeranian. It is a new world with new sights to explore and behold. As such, it can turn dangerous for him too. He might feel threatened, lost, or confused there. This disillusionment can translate into aggression, and he might show it to other people or animals. In this scenario, you need to desensitize him to his surroundings. Try taking him to the park regularly. He should develop an affinity for his outside excursions, not fear them. Accompany him everywhere and help him explore the area. Encourage him to be curious about things but at the same time teach him to be careful too. 

In walks: If your Pom gets aggressive during walks, then put him on a leash with a harness, or you can also use a muzzle. Try to understand what triggers his aggression when you are taking him out on a walk. Is it other dogs, animals, people, traffic? If you could identify the reason, work out a plan to reduce your dog’s exposure to that factor. Then slowly reintroduce that tipping point to understand to what extent he is showing aggression towards it. If he offers mild to no aggression, it is a good thing, but if the reaction is raucous, you need to see a good trainer. 

With friends: Your friends are strangers to your dog, and it is natural if your Pomeranian growls at them. He might do that for the same reason with kids, senior adults too. It should be a cause of concern if the barking gets too excessive. Here too, training would come in handy. It would help if you conditioned your dog to like your friends and understand the difference between strangers and friends. Your positive behavior towards him in this regard would help a lot. 

How can you get your Pomeranian to be more friendly and less aggressive?

Everyone wants a friendly Pomeranian. You can help your little friend to be less aggressive by incorporating the following in his lifestyle.

Good diet: There is probably nothing a good diet cannot fix. By ensuring that your Pom gets the vital nutrients, you nurture a healthy and happy dog. 

Regular checkups: A Pom is a fragile dog and requires frequent visits to the vet to check his mental and physical health. He also requires vaccines and other doses to save him from diseases, so do not skip the vet visits.

Exercise: Make sure your dog gets his daily dose of exercise and physical activity. It will keep him alert, engaged, and hearty.

Training: You can always hire a good trainer for your pet, but the owner is the best trainer because he has to live with his dog. Here are some pro tips that would be beneficial;

  • Establish a hierarchy in the house and let it sink in your Pom’s mind. He should know who is the master of the house. 
  • Introduce the concept of ‘time-out’ whenever your Pom exhibits unacceptable behavior. With wolves as their forefathers, banishment from the pack is still ingrained in their minds. 
  • Slowly introduce him back to the family fold after the bad behavior. Let him realize he did wrong.
  • Always enter first in the house, followed by the Pom. 

All these tips will help you keep your Pom’s aggression in check.

What are Pomeranian aggression problems?

These problems can be summarized as follows;

  • Pomeranian biting and nipping
  • Pomeranian growls
  • Excessive barking
  • Aggressive housebreaking
  • Snarling


So that is all about Pomeranian aggression and how you can handle it towards dogs and humans. The bottom line you need to identify the cause of aggression in your Pom and then do the needful. A Pom can be aggressive to certain things, situations, etc. As a responsible dog owner, get to know your pet and understand his behavior issues to remedy the situation.

Thank you, hope I helped. Bookmark this page if you need a remider.

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