1 Furball, 2 Furballs, 3 Furballs, Door!

‘That’s enough!’ You heard your wife shout across the corridor. She’s got off the tracks again. You wonder to yourself what happened this time. You walk to the living room and to your surprise, you see your wife looking sternly and spilling expletives at your Pomeranian, who is now cowering in fear by a corner. Its fur is all over the living room carpet and pretty damn hard to vacuum and clean up. And she’s been cleaning it up for the umpteenth time, and she’s sick of it. And by golly, you are too.

So what can you do to appease your wife?

Get a Chris Christensen Brush of course! Wait, who the heck is Chris Christensen anyway?  Sounds like someone from the Mormon Church, you tell yourself. No, you can be assured it’s nothing to do with religion, don’t worry.

 Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush, Large, Coral

Chris Christensen is a legit, high quality brand. Dog show enthusiasts and professional groomers all over the world use their high quality tools, shampoos, conditioners and styling aids to achieve coat perfection every time. They help you achieve perfect results on the grooming table, in the show ring, and just when you want to have your pet look fabulous at home. Most importantly, a brush from them helps you to clean off your Pom’s fur before they drop ALL OVER the house.

If price is not a concern for you and you are going for the best, we suggest that you get either a Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush for the ladies, or the Chris Christensen Big K Slicker, Large, Black for Men.

 Chris Christensen Big K Slicker, Large, Black

Damn, look at the size of those brushes. It looks like a bloody torture device. Thankfully, while it could potentially be used as a tool to interrogate hardened criminals, YOU can use it keep your cute lil’ Pom’s fur neat and tidy. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider getting yourself this brush:

  1. It’s Amazon’s choice! Means that lots of people have bought this before, it’s highly-rated and well-priced!
  2. 40 percent more pins than Big K Slicker Brush – more efficient cleaning, spend less time brushing your damn dog (5 min instead of 15min, you have better things to do don’ you? Remember that your lil’ Pom has a thick, luxurious and full coat of fur and they have 2 layers of fur, an undercoat and an outer coat. That’s a LOT of fur to take care of and they shed pretty regularly. If you don’t want furballs to be littered around your house every alternate day, I highly suggest that you get one of these brushes to get the fur off your dog first. Prevention is better than cure 😉
  3. Pins are long, allowing you to work through dense coats all the way to the root and remove thick undesirable undercoat in many breeds. Detangles well and makes your Pom’s coat super soft and silky 😊

They can be sometimes out of stock due to high demand. A similar brand and brush style would be:

But, if you are on a budget, get the Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush, 27mm and Chris Christensen A5III Mark III Slicker, Medium instead.

Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush, 27mm
Chris Christensen A5III Mark III Slicker, Medium

Look at the gorgeous and ergonomic design of these brushes! Fits snugly in the palm of your hand. The aesthetic of these brushes are enhanced by the fact that it is made from Light-weight, beautifully handcrafted solid beech wood body with an easy grip handle. It is highly durable and can be used indefinitely for your Pom. Its ground and polished tips are the smoothest available and the bristles are made with high quality stainless steel pins. You can also put them in your handbag in case you want to bring your dog out for a walk and feel the compulsive need to groom it.

One thing to note though: As the Oval Pin Brush and A5III Mark III Slicker Brush have bristles do not have a slight bend/hook as the more expensive option. So you may have to spend additional more time brushing your lil’ Pom.

You may still have some considerations such as:

Common concern 1: It’s expensive as F*CK
Our response: Depending on your dog’s fur length, you don’t want to take 15 minutes to half an hour brushing your dog because you are using an inferior, average small brush. Use a big brush like these to make your brushing routine much faster.

Common concern 2: Will the brush break easily?
Our response: If you don’t brush too hard or try to bend the handles as if you are participating in a Guinness World Record attempt to be the Strongest Man/Woman in the world, it will be durable for a long time. Treat with care all right?

Don’t hesitate any longer and get yourself a Chris Christensen.

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