Taking Pomeranians on walks is a must to release any unspent energy they may have. It’s also fun to bring them around to parks and malls. However, for these activities, we will need a good dog leash to keep them controlled.

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before you start to read alone why those are the best leash for you I made a table just for you to conclude the top 3 choices for my puppy.

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Types of Dog Leash

Dog leashes literally come in different shapes and sizes. There is not just one correct dog leash type since most of the time, it will depend on your preference. However, it’s good to know all the options before making a decision. Let’s take a look at each type. 


Regular Leash

Regular leashes are essentially a long piece of material that has a loop handle on one end and a metal clip on the other that attaches to your dog collar and dog harnesses. They are ideal for basic house training or daily use outdoors. Typically, they are flat and made of nylon material. In terms of durability, you can’t go wrong with a typical nylon leash. They also come in a bunch of colors and lengths, depending on what your Pom needs. 

Adjustable Leash

Some toy dog leashes are adjustable. They have metal buckles and loops so you can tighten or loosen the leash depending on your preferred length. They are a lot similar to adjustable shoulder bag straps in terms of mechanism. Moreover, this type of leash allows you to tether your dog to post, gate, or other similar objects. Some pet owners use this to attach the dog leashes to their waist. 

Retractable Leash

If you don’t like carrying a long rope as a leash, retractable leashes are your best bet. Whether you’re dealing with an adult Pomeranian or a puppy Pomeranian, this works well. This type of leash is typically around 20 feet long or more. You can adjust its length at any point. Thus, it’s ideal if you’re looking for a custom-size leash. Moreover, it’s highly compact and doesn’t tangle easily. The handle is typically made of plastic.



Nylon is the most common material you can find for dog leashes. These are quite affordable but it’s a tried and true leash material. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and very strong in terms of pulling forces. Moreover, they are also quite fashionable and stylish as they come in different colors. 


Leather leashes are not as common but some pet parents prefer this. It does come with quite a hefty price tag. Thus, if you’re on a budget, this is most likely out of the list. However, leather leashes almost never fray as nylon does. In terms of your Pomeranian chewing on it, leather leashes are not immune to damages. 


You often see metal leashes in larger dog breeds like Labrador, Great Dane, and Great Shepherd. They are almost indestructible. However, they are very heavy compared to nylon and leather. For toy dog breeds, metal leashes aren’t the first option. 

Why Choosing the Correct Toy Dog Leash is Important?

Your Comfort

If you don’t choose the correct toy dog leash for your Pom, you are sacrificing your comfort. If your Pom is not well-trained in leashes, it can get especially tricky. Whether you’re housetraining or walking outdoors, you want complete control over your Pom for their safety. If you don’t have the best leash, it can get uncomfortable and painful. Moreover, if you get a poor quality leash, it may even break off and it might end up disastrous. If you’ve heard of friction burns before, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. 

Your Pom’s Comfort

It’s not only the toy dog harness that will dictate your Pom’s comfort. If you choose the wrong leash, your dog’s comfort will be compromised as well. For instance, if you choose dog leashes that are too short, your Pom won’t have too much leeway to walk around because it will start to pull on the collar or harness. Moreover, if your dog leash is every wight it input stress on your dog neck and may cause injury problems.


Dog leashes are there to provide safety for your dog especially outdoors. If you don’t select the right dog leash, you are compromising your dog’s safety, and possibly other people’s as well. You want both yours and your dog’s safety as main priorities. If you have a big and heavy dog, a retractable leash is not a good option. However, for smaller toy dog breeds like Pomeranians, this type of leash is ideal. 

How to Choose the Best Dog Leashes?

Length & Width

Your Pom’s dog leash length and width are one of the main factors to consider. Firstly, make sure to get the right length. If you want to be more flexible with the length, you can get an adjustable dog leash. Meanwhile, when it comes to the width, it all depends on your Pomeranian’s weight. 

We recommend getting a retractable nylon leash that comes in different lengths and widths. That way, you can choose the appropriate width. Because it’s retractable, you can set whatever length you’d like. 

Lifestyle and Activities

Depending on the activity type you will participate in with your dog, the ideal dog leash choice may change. For instance, if you mainly use leashes when you bring your dog to the mall, it might not be ideal to use a leash that’s too long. On the contrary, if you’re going to parks to run, you want a longer leash for your Pom. 


One of the other things to think about is your Pomeranian’s behavior. Is your puppy Pomeranian wild and out of control most of the time? Or is your adult Pomeranian well-trained and calm in most situations? Ideally, you want a very durable leash that will give you a good grip if you have an unruly dog. However, if your dog is quite calm, this isn’t a problem. 


What good are dog leashes if they will break as soon as your dogs go frenzy? That’s why you should choose a toy dog leash made of durable materials. Nylon or rope material is ideal because the chances of them tearing are very slim. However, you shouldn’t only look at the material but also at the stitching. Leashes have two ends – the hook and the handle. Often, these are made with stitches. You have to make sure they are well-sewn so that even if your dog misbehaves, the leash won’t break off. 


Are you someone who doesn’t like a high maintenance leash? Then you probably don’t want to get a light-colored leash. Moreover, you want to get a highly durable leash that can withstand being in the washer. A retractable leash can’t typically go in the washing machine unless stated. You are supposed to handwash the leash portion and air dry them. This shouldn’t be an issue for most but it’s something worth noting. 


Looks are also important when choosing a leash. If you’re taking your dog on a leash outdoors, you don’t want it to look dirty and unappealing. Some pet owners match the dog leashes with dog harnesses and dog collar. While other pet owners can get crazy with the patterns and prints on the leash. 

Nylon leashes tend to be in solid colors only. Meanwhile, polyester toy dog leashes can come in cute patterns and unique prints

Commonly Asked Questions about Pomeranian Leashes

How long should my Pomeranian’s leash be?

Ideally, a toy dog leash should be around 6 feet in length. This works best for house training. However, if you’re bringing your Pom outdoors, the length must be about twice as long. You don’t want the leash to be too long either as this isn’t safe. 

What is the best leash material for Pomeranians?

Nylon is the best material for leashes in terms of durability and comfort. It’s a great balance between both. Rope leashes are quite strong but may not be too comfortable for the pet owner. Meanwhile, some lightweight leashes like ones that are fabric may not be as durable. However, it all boils down to your preference. 

How many dog leashes should my Pomeranian have?

If you’re on a tight budget, one dog leash will suffice for everyday use. However, you should always keep a new one ready in case your current one breaks. in addition, in case you are training your Pomeranian for housebreaking indoors, you would want a 6-foot leash and an outdoor leash that is between 12-16 foot.

When should I put my Pomeranian on a leash?

Dogs shouldn’t be put on leashes all the time. However, there are some instances that permit putting them on a leash. For instance, if you are training your dog, you should put them on a leash to avoid any injuries and keep an eye on them so they don’t run around the house pooping and peeing everywhere. Moreover, you should put them on a leash if you are outdoors.

The Best Leash for Your Pomeranian

Personally, I highly recommend this good retractable leash for your Pomeranian. They come in different widths and lengths so you’re certain to find the right one for your Pom. This retractable leash is ergonomically designed to have a comfortable and sturdy handle for improved grip. I also recommend keeping a spare leash for emergency purposes and housebreaking. For this, you can get a regular nylon leash. 

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