If you own a Pomeranian, I don’t need to say that you are familiar with its mischief. It will bite anything and everything and tear your favorite items sometimes. These fun activities of your pet overpower the urge to punish for its misbehaving. But do you know if your dog continuously bites crate bars and other items that can damage its tooth? Even if you give dental treats, chewing toys can help you clean the teeth for a certain portion. That means this is not enough to clean the teeth thoroughly. Pomeranian mouth bad smell is regular if you ignore the dental care of your Pom.

I recommend this finger brush. It’s the easiest and cheapest brush you can find. And it has good quality. For less the $4 you can get a nice pair of finger brushes that will do your work. But you still need to purchase toothpaste with it.

You can also get rid of all the dental problems with Nylabone Teething Keys Chew Toy + Advanced Oral Care Dog Finger Brush. This product comes with a toy that cleans their teeth by itself and a pair of finger brushes to finish the job. Let us look at everything related to dog oral care. 


Things that can happen with improper brushing


Gingivitis can become a severe problem. If you fail to use a good quality brush and toothpaste and forget to brush the tooth regularly, bacteria will develop around the root and under the gum line of your pet’s teeth. The gums gradually will become red, inflamed, and can bleed sometimes. 

Plaque & tartar buildup

Tiny food particles with the mixture of saliva will form a sticky film. This sticky thing covers the teeth. Only chewing is not enough to remove this one. This process causes decay and sometimes covers the infection and allows the infections to dig deep inside the dog’s mouth.  

Tooth and bone loss

The plaque and tartar buildup, gingivitis combined with the decay will cause infection, and eventually, it will pave the way for losing the teeth. If these problems persist for a more extended period, they can also damage your dog’s bone. 


The infections that started because of the lack of proper tooth cleaning can enter the other parts of the body, and it can become scary. 

Sinus cavities 

Not cleaning the teeth properly or using bad quality toothpaste and brush may accumulate infections into the upper jaw. This infection can create pockets of pus, and it will reach the dog’s nasal cavities. This may lead to nasal discharge and chronic sneezing. 

Problems while eating and chewing

Even if your Pomeranian manages to survive several infections and loss of teeth, the bacteria can make eating difficult. The adult Pomeranian without teeth will not be able to maintain a healthy weight. 

white-pomeranian-on-the side walk

Toothpaste for Pomeranian- An Overview

In the following section, I will explain why using your own toothpaste is ineffective and why it is not recommended to pick up a random toothpaste from the local pet shop. 

Why is human toothpaste not suitable for Pomeranians?

Many pet experts and veterinary doctors suggest using dog toothpaste instead of human toothpaste. It is not a marketing trick. There are many reasons why you must not use human toothpaste to clean your Pomeranian teeth. The main reason is your dog can’t spit the foam and bubbles that come from human toothpaste. Human toothpaste contains sodium fluoride. This is highly poisonous to dogs. To cause damage to your dog’s health, your Pom need not swallow a lot of human toothpaste. The toxic effect can occur at less than 1 milligram per KG. 

If your Pom eats the toothpaste containing sodium fluoride, it can lead to intestines and stomach inflammation. The dog’s heartbeat will increase, and if it is not attended timely, it can die within a few hours. Hence, toothpaste explicitly made for the dogs is a must for your Pom. 

How to choose the best toothpaste for your Pom?

There are two main factors to consider before buying toothpaste for your puppy or dog. They are:


Good taste is a must since, without good-tasting toothpaste, your Pom will not cooperate for tooth brushing. If the taste is not good, it will make the process stressful for your pet. This will also become a frustrating task for you too. This will reduce the brushing time, and, in many cases, the owner will stop doing the tooth brushing altogether. If the flavor of the toothpaste is good, your dog will enjoy the time and cooperate. 

Cleaning power

The primary purpose of using toothpaste is to clean the teeth. Hence, apart from the taste, you should check the cleaning power of these toothpastes. The proper level of abrasive cleaners is necessary to remove food debris, plaque, and stains. It will also help to polish the teeth of your Pom. At the same time, it should not be too strong. Otherwise, it will damage the enamel of the teeth. It is the thick outer covering of the tooth, and it is essential. The best toothpaste will draw the unwanted stains from the teeth without damaging the enamel. The maintenance of the right level of enamel is crucial since it facilitates chewing, eating, grinding, and biting. 

Best oral care products

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kits for Dogs & Cats

If you want to keep the dental health of your furry friend in good condition, this toothpaste can be a good option. The advanced puppy dental kit will help to create strong oral hygiene. This kit contains toothpaste, a puppy finger brush, and a toothbrush to remove food debris from your pet teeth. The puppy toothbrush comes with soft bristles with an angled neck to reach all parts of the mouth. The toothpaste features Denta-C; it is scientifically formulated to decrease plaque. This product is made in the USA and passed all the safety standards. 

Key Features

  • The unique formula helps to prevent Pomeranian mouth bad smell and minimize plaque & tartar accumulation. 
  • Many dog breeds love this tasty flavor. 
  • Simple to use the dental liquid. 

Petrodex Advanced Dental Care Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

The dog’s plaque can begin to turn into tartar in just three days. So, if you want to stop this danger, Petrodex Advanced Dental Care Toothpaste can be the right solution. The specially formulated dog toothpaste fights bad smells by removing the plaque & tartar food debris. Proper brushing with this toothpaste provides a lasting polish to your pet friend’s teeth. The puppies love this toothpaste because of its delicious taste. The product comes with toothpaste and a toothbrush. The toothbrush is safe and easy to use. The toothbrush is designed to clean the plaques without causing any discomfort to your pet. 

Key Features

  • The toothbrush and toothpaste of Petrodex are known for reducing foul breath.
  • The poultry and peanut combination makes this delicious flavor. 
  • The toothpaste helps to keep the teeth bright and clean. 

Pet Republique Dog Toothbrush Series

The dog finger toothbrushes of Pet Republiq are one of the comfortable dog toothbrushes in the market. These comfy toothbrushes make the cleaning process more manageable. Usually, finger toothbrushes are too bulky for small puppies. However, the softness of these toothbrushes is perfect for starting the tooth cleaning journey for your pets. The toothbrushes are available in different sizes to match your finger’s size. Hence, you must buy the right-sized brushes. The package comes with six finger toothbrushes, and it is made of excellent quality materials. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a refund in 60 days. 

Key Features

  • You get set of 6 tooth brushes
  • Comfortable finger brushes to suit all types of dogs. 
  • Sixty days money-back guarantee. 
  • Opportunity to contribute to animal welfare (15% of profits dedicated to the same).

Nylabone Teething Keys Chew Toy + Advanced Oral Care Dog Finger Brush

This product from Nylabone is the best toy oral care product you can buy for your dog. Each purchase comes with a small Nylabone Teething Keys chew toy & 2 packs of finger brushes. The toy is made with a soft thermoplastic, and hence it is safe for your puppies. Chewing these toys stimulates the mouth, makes the teeth clean and minimizes the bad breath. The pet owners can use finger brushes to create a perfect routine to remove the other stubborn food particles from the teeth. The finger brushes are designed to reach all the parts of the mouth to clean the plaque & tartar. 

Key Features

  • It comes with two packs of advanced finger brushes and puppy chew toys. 
  • It helps to create a proper dental care routine. 
  • Toys help to develop healthy chewing habits while cleaning the food debris. 
  • The brushes and the toys are comfortable and make your puppy happy. 

Tips for using a toothbrush for your Pomeranian 

  • Change the toothbrush after 3-4 months.
  • Use a timer and brush for 2 minutes a day. 
  • Choose the perfect time in a day when he is hungry, so he will let you reach to his teeth.
  • Do not give up if your Pom does not cooperate initially.


 Now, I am sure you know how to use dental care products and why using toothbrushes is essential for your dog. To save your furry friend from infections and other problems, you should try the best dental care products. Nylabone Teething Keys Chew Toy + Advanced Oral Care Dog Finger Brush is the best product for your pet. It comes with a chewing toy that does the essential clean work and develops a good chewing habit from a young age. Adding to this, using the finger brushes, you can clean the remaining food debris and plaques. Hence, buy this product and make your pet happy.