Have you ever wondered why Pomeranian growls when someone picks it up? I am sure many pet owners get this question. There are many causes for this growl, but remember, it is trying to communicate something to you by growling. So, to understand what your dog is trying to say is essential to understand it better. Let us look at the causes of growling and how to handle it. 


The Reasons Why Pomeranian Growls When You Pick Up

I am sure you want to stop the growling of your favorite pet when you try to pick it up. But the first thing you must know is what it is trying to communicate to you. There can be several reasons, including Pomeranian sleep disturbance, lousy healthpain, etc. So, let us look at the top possible reasons for growling. 

Pain Or Health Issues 

If you were picking up the dog every time without any resistance, it might be because of a health issue. If the dog is facing any pain, it can start growling. It can be a pain in the legs or stomach or any other part of the body. Hence, if you see any discomfort in your pet all of a sudden, you must carry your pet to the local veterinary clinic. If there is no health issue and pain in your pet, you can consider checking other causes for health issues. 

Bad Experiences 

You can train the dog to get used to interacting with humans and reacting normally with the touch of humans. The breeder usually teaches these things to the puppies. Hence, the puppies learn to tolerate the minor discomfort that may happen with the picking up and cuddling by the owners. However, if they experience any bad thing while picking up, they will remember this act as one of the pain-giving acts. 

So, if they faced any bad experience in the past, once you bend to pick them, they sense this as a threat and start resisting and start growling. If the owner fails to heed this, they might try to bite the person who tries to pick them up. Hence, every time, you should ensure to handle your pet with care. The bad experience usually happens when they are small. This is because when they are very young, your grabbing can hurt the little guy. 

So, once you pick them up, they lose the chance of flight, so the only option left is fighting. Consequently, they start to growl, and if they think it will be more painful, they might try to bite. 

Lack Of Handling

If you do not handle the pet, it can lead to misbehavior. All puppies should be handled with positive associations. When they are young and experience the human touch, pick up, and cuddling, the chances of growling in the later stages are minimal. Positive handling should be taught when they are with their mothers. If the breeder teaches these things to the puppies, it will be easier for the owners. If the breeder misses teaching these things, it will pave the way for agitation from the puppy if you try to pick it up. Hence, the breeder’s role is also very important in preventing the growling when touched or picked up. 

Negative Consequences 

Sometimes, if you try to stop the unwanted behavior from your dog and to do so, you pick up, it can also lead to growling. For example, if you pick the dog up to prevent it from biting a shoe or other items, it can make them angry and consequently can growl and try to bite you. Hence, to stop this, you must find other better alternatives to interrupt the unwanted behaviors. 

The positive interrupter you should make to prevent the unwanted reaction from your pet friend. It is recommended not to pick up when your dog is about to do something nasty. It makes them furious, and also, when you are angry, you forget to handle them nicely. Additionally, the dogs will also protest if you stop them from doing the things they love; the resistance from the dog and your rash handling can create a bad experience for your dog. 

How to Deal with Pomeranians Who Dislike Being Picked Up

As we already discussed, whether it is a puppy or an adult dog, you can take some steps to make it more pleasant for you and your pet. The best way is to stop picking up, but how can you stop resisting picking up your adorable pet? So, here are a few points to be noted. 

  • If you notice growling from your pet, first begin with a veterinary examination. Without checking this, if you try to change the behavior of the dog can pave the way for waste of money for you and painful task for your pet. If the health of the dog is ok, then proceed with the following steps. 
  • If your pet’s health is normal but still misbehaving, then train to stop unwanted behavior using a positive interrupter. 
  • Determine what action makes your dog discomfort. Whether he dislike touching a specific part or hates the entire process of picking it up, if he dislikes touching a certain part of the body, try to avoid the same. 
  • If the touching itself creates discomfort to your pet, start to train. You can hire a professional to teach and stop the misbehavior. Give a treat every time after touching and picking up. Once your dog starts to sense the treat coming its way, it will stop misbehaving gradually. 
  • You should learn how to pick your pet the right way. You should approach your pet from his side and gently pick it up by holding his bottom so it will prevent slipping. It will also stop growling and misbehaving. 


Now I am sure you know health issues, pain, bad experience, and negative consequences are the common reason for Pomeranian growls. All you need to do is checking health condition and acting accordingly. If there is no health issue, you can use positive interrupter and hire a professional to teach the correct behavior or just browse read browse our training/housebreaking section. Another important thing is you should also know how to handle your pet. I hope this article will help you understand your pet better.