I’m sitting here on my computer and thinking about what to write about to help you guys understand more about your pomeranian dog. I searched the forums and saw that people were asking about pomeranian tail down, or limping problem and none of the answers was satisfying. So I choose to write and article about it.

Pomeranian alike many other dogs have the same effects as the symptom of the tail down. So there is nothing unique about pomeranian tail down. The main reason for the pomeranian tail is down is because they are hiding their anal glands (scent glands) which shows fear or uncertainty it can also point to pain, tail limp(Limber tail), cold or hot water exposure and, overexertion. 

The Reasons are:

  • anal glands
  • Pain
  • Tail limp (Limber tail)
  • Oversensitive to cold or hot temperatures.

1.Anal glands (Scent glands or sacs)


The anal glands or anal sacs are small glands near the anus in many mammals, including dogs[1] and cats. They are paired sacs on either side of the anus between the external and internal sphincter musclesSebaceous glands within the lining secrete a liquid that is used for identification of members within a species. These sacs are found in many carnivorans, including wolves,[2] bears,[3][4] sea otters[5] and kinkajous.[6]

In short, the ana sacs are located near the anus in 8 and 4 clock positions. dog recognizes other dogs by smelling each other area of the anus. each dog has a different and unique scent.

the reason they hide this area is that they feel uncertainty from the environment and they don’t want to be exposed to risks.

It can happen when they just been punished by doing something bad so they feel in trouble or they feel stressed or anxious. The lower your dog tail is the tenser he is. If he constantly walking with his tail between his legs (most tensed scenario) do change the stressing environment to make your dog feel better.

2. Pain

In which case your dog may be in pain it is recommended that you take it to the vent immediately. It can be the anal gland infection that causing the pain or it can be his stomach or any other serious pain reasons that your dog might have that cause him to lower his tail.

3. Tail limp (Limber tail)

One more reason for the pain can be his tail might be broken, sprained, or limped. it is an uncommon issue for pomeranian dogs but I decided to list it anyway.

This problem usually happens with sports dogs and other forms of excessive exercise which I guess your little pom don’t do. By its worth checked with the vet as it causes a lot of pain to your pomeranian.

4. Oversensitive to cold or hot temperatures.

Another reason for Limer tail can be oversensitive to cold or hot temperatures. usually, the symptoms will appear within a 24 hour period from the activity. it occurs often by cold water and rarely from hot temperatures.

The actual cause of this issue as of today is unknown but some assumptions tell that the cause might be the narrow space through which the spinal cord passes.

From my research, I found that this is the main reason the dog tail might be down or limber.

What can I do to identify the problem?

Okay so firstly, you need to check if your dog tail is limp, weak, and loose. or you can check by holding the tail horizontally and then drops vertically.

my personal recommendation is that you should go to your nearest veterinarian and he will go through a full examination to rule out other reasons it might append. In case, he couldn’t tell you right away the reason or you just want to be sure, you might want to do some X-rays to make sure your pomeranian is perfectly fine.

How can I take care of the problem?

ok, so we pointed out 4 main reasons that your little pomeranian might have his tail down. Any type of problem is easily manageable so don’t worry, your dog is fine BUT don’t skip the veterinarian step by any cause. Go to your vet for him to decide what type of problem your pomeranian has.

But, in case your dog has tail limber because of high sensitivity to hot or cold water just make sure your dog is getting some rest and the tail will get back to normal in a few days. In case you see that he is having pain you can give him some pain relief. just ask your vet what he can recommend for your dog.

Just help your dog to rest.It’s better to not put him in tiny spaces, make sure you feed him good and let his muscles relax for a week or so. Treatment of this problem is short and simple when you look at other problems your dog might have so don’t worry too much.

What can I do to prevent it from happening?

To prevent this issue you might what to cut off the dog exercise time. Or make sure he’s activities isn’t too much for him as a long walk, swimming running too much jumping, etc. Pomeranians are tiny playful and energetic dogs and it can be sometimes hard to control them. most dogs are playful and it is a common activity. It’s not a problem when they do. just make sure they get some reset during excessive activity. if you can’t get them to stop to reset just let them. there is no reason to stop your dog from having fun.


There are many reasons why your Pomeranian tail may be down but don’t be alarmed. probably your dog is fine. the most common cause of this problem is that he was exposed to cold water or cold weather and don’t forget the moods that he might be in. go through that list again and check what fits your dog the most and decide what to do about it. This article is no substitute to go see your vet.

I’m not a veterinarian, I just did my research when I had my concerns and I visit my vet right away. It was nothing. but I wanted to share with you the many reasons that I found and try to solve that problem for you.

Hope that helped. Thank you!

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