If you are a proud owner of dogs or cats, you probably know the importance of dog tag. The dog tags offer numerous benefits to dog owners. If you are looking for the best ID for your Pomeranian dogs, we are providing the best four dog tags. Out of the four, however, we recommend the GoTags Personalized Stainless Steel Dog & Cat ID Tag, Swarovski Crystal Paw Print. Besides, if you want to know why we are providing the details in the next section.

Collar Tag Why do I like it?
GoTags Personalized Stainless Steel Dog & Cat ID Tag, Swarovski Crystal Paw Print  Best Overall Pomeranian dog collar with laser engraving
GoTags Personalized ID Tag, Heart Best heart-shaped collar ID with a space of eight lines.
Quick-Tag Personalized Bone Epoxy Enameled Dog & Cat ID Tag Bone-shaped collar tag with 11 colors to choose from.
GoTags Camo Personalized Dog & Cat ID Tag, Bone Shape The best bone-shaped cat and dog ID with laser engraving.


GoTags Personalized Stainless Steel Dog & Cat ID Tag, Swarovski Crystal Paw Print 

Who wouldn’t like to see the fancy side of their dog and take a walk on the street? Especially if you own a Pomeranian, it looks cuter if you dress it with Pomeranian clothes. This dog collar comes with Swarovski crystal print to add extra stylishness and color, sparkle, and bling to your dog. Additionally, this tag is made with stainless steel; hence it is more durable and immune from rust and deterioration. Furthermore, this dog ID tag is suitable for any dog and cat and arrives with a split ring. Besides, you get enough personalized space with four lines to write your dog’s and its owner’s name if you want it that way.  The design of this collar tag is especially for small breeds such as Pomeranian. It is also engraved using the laser, so the text in the collar tag will go if you rub off or try to scratch it. Even though the design is for small breeds, it comes in two different sizes. As a result, it is suitable for most dog breeds. This collar tag comes in six different colors, and hence you will be left with numerous choices. This stainless steel dog tag is very lightweight, and hence even if you have engraved its name and put it on your dog’s neck, it will not feel like an extra burden. The product weighs only 0.8 ounces, and hence this provides lightweight quality to your dog’s ID tag. 


  • It is available in six different colors to choose from, and you can get two different sizes to cater to every dog owner’s needs. 
  • You can personalize your dog’s tag with laser engraving. You can get four lines to customize your text. 
  • The collar tag is made with stainless steel, and hence it lasts for many years.  
  • Laser engraved text withstand even after numerous adventure of your pet. 


  • It is made for both cats and dogs but not suited for small cats. 

To conclude, this is the best ID for your dog, and you can get it within 10 dollars by clicking here.

GoTags Personalized ID Tag, Heart

If your favorite pet gets lost and you want others to recognize and give a call to you, you need a good collar ID. Besides, if you are looking for the best collar tag within your budget, this is the best choice for you. We know your best companion looks cute, and you are fed up with telling the name of it to everyone. Hence, if you want to become free from this tension, a collar tag from GoTags dog ID will help you achieve your dream.  This dog tag comes with an attractive heart shape, and the material used to build this tag is stainless steel. Hence, it will provide more durability and long-lasting nature to your pet’s dog tag. This tag provides more than enough space to personalize and scribble the things you want to appear in the tag. You can get space for writing four lines on either side of the tag. So you can engrave your doggy’s name, your address, emergency contact number, and every other thing on it.  This collar tag is a perfect choice for extra small breeds, small breeds, and toy breeds. However, two sizes are available, and it makes it suitable for all dog breeds. This tag comes with a split ring attachment. The best thing is, if you write everything on this product, the chances of scratching and removing the texts are next to impossible. This product’s overall dimension is 0.96 x 0.79 inches, and hence it will suit small dogs and cats without looking too big or too small. 


  • It comes with enough space to write everything that is enough for space to accommodate eight lines.
  • The collar ID is made with stainless steel, and it is rust free and long-lasting. 
  • The shape of this personalized ID tag is the heart, and it makes it more personal. 
  • It is available in six different colors and two sizes. 


  • Reports of not centered and thin material. 

This collar tag comes for just $8, and the heart shape looks more appealing. Therefore, if you want to get one for your dog, you can get it by clicking here.

Quick-Tag Personalized Bone Epoxy Enameled Dog & Cat ID Tag

The love between dogs and bones is everlasting. You can now get ID tags for your dog with bone shape. This cute collar ID makes sure your furry companion stands out from the rest of the crowd. This tag collar size is smaller, and hence it is suitable for both dogs and cats. However, it comes in two sizes, and you can purchase this tag for small breeds, medium breeds, and even for large breeds. The overall weight of this collar ID is about 0.24 ounces, and as a result, it will not feel like a burden for your pets.  This personalized tag is engraved with a laser, and hence you need not worry about the erasing of the name or other text in the adventure of your pets. Whatever they do, your pet’s information will be clearly visible. You can get the space of four lines to personalize your dog’s collar ID with the name of your dog and your details, address, and emergency contact. As a result, this will allow others to recognize your furry friend and get it back to your home if it gets lost.  The biggest advantage of this collar id is that it is available in multiple colors and two different sizes. The package includes a split ring attachment, and the overall product dimension is 1.5 x 1 x 0.06 inches. 


  • The product is made with stainless steel and chrome-plated inlay. 
  • The material used makes it more durable, rustproof, and long-lasting. 
  • You can get 11 different colors and in two sizes. 
  • Customizable with four lines of text and engraved with the laser. 


  • The cost of this collar ID is a bit high. 

If you have no worries about the price and looking for a bone-shaped collar ID with numerous color options to choose from, you can get it by clicking here. 

GoTags Camo Personalized Dog & Cat ID Tag, Bone Shape

If you are looking for the bone-shaped collar ID for your furry friend, it is the one worth considering. These unique shaped ID tags are compliments of Pomeranian cloths. The camo military pattern inspired the design.  Besides, it arrives in three eye-catching colors: green, pink, and blue. The material used to make this is stainless steel. As a result, it provides rust-free, long-lasting, and corrode free. Besides, you have the space for writing up to four lines on this dog ID tag, and you can write address, name, emergency address, and other information. If your pet is taking adventure trips every day in the sunlight, you need not worry about the fading of the name or other information engraved in it, thanks to the enamel inlay material used to make this product. Additionally, the texts are engraved using the laser, and consequently, your writings won’t rub off or scratch.  This dog tag is suitable for medium and large breeds. Hence you need to use it for bigger cats and other than small dogs. The product weighs only 0.8 ounces, and it will not become an impediment in carrying out the normal routines of your dog or cat. This product’s overall dimension is 1.6 x 1.1 inches, and it won’t too big or too small for your favorite one. 


  • It is available with three vibrant color options. 
  • Made with stainless steel and it will not corrode or make way for rust.
  • The laser engrave helps to keep the text intact.
  • Total four lines are available to write the things you want. 


  • Reports of color fading off in some batches. 

So if you want a personalized and bone shape collar ID with laser engraving, this is the best one for you, and you can make it yours by clicking here.  Hope that helped. Thank you!

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