Pomeranians are beautiful small dogs, and the American Kennel Club claims that Pomeranians are the most popular dog breed, though the Yorkshire Terrier is a close second. These fabulous canine companions are very cute, and pet lovers should understand that they are expensive, too.

I’m here to explain how much you might expect to spend for a white Pomeranian puppy. Then, you can learn what affects the Pomeranian price, such as location, color, and age.

You should also be aware that your Pomeranian pup costs money throughout its life and is sure to grow. Therefore, you want to work that into the budget to cover the ongoing expenses before getting a new puppy.


How Much Do Pomeranian Puppies Cost and Why?

There’s actually a huge variation in the price range for a beautiful Pomeranian. Overall, the Pomeranian cost for puppies versus adult pets is dependent on many factors. It could be as low as a few hundred dollars or upwards of $5,000!

Why Pomeranians Are so Expensive

The top factors that influence the Pomeranian cost are the location of purchase, health, age of the Pom, and coat color. With that, female puppies are often more expensive than males.

In addition to those things, the seller you choose influences the Pomeranian prices. From lowest to highest, here are the pricing features:

  • Adult dogs from rescue organizations
  • Backyard breeder puppies
  • Preservation breeders
  • Pet stores

Pomeranian Price from Breeders

The Pomeranian price from breeders begins at $2,000 and is influenced by different factors. These include the breeder’s reputation, location, and the sex/color/age of the dog.

There are various breeders out there, but preservation breeders want to protect the species and ensure that you have a happy dog. They make sure that Poms are kept alive and well.

These professional breeders produce pups that are purebred, have fluffy coats, and are the right size as adults.

Dog breeders often consider the quality of the pet to be an influential factor in how much you pay. Quality reflects its behavior, personality, and health. However, it can also affect whether it competes with other dogs well at conformation shows or produce appropriate offspring.


Age also has an effect on the price range for Poms. How much do baby Pomeranians cost? Puppies are often more expensive than an adult Pomeranian or older puppy. Therefore, if you’re not focused on having one that’s eight weeks old, consider an older Pomeranian.

A Pomeranian breeder might have older show pups who didn’t develop correctly for the ring but are still perfect as family pets. That way, you can get your furry friend for a discounted price.

Another option is to choose an older adult. They are often retired from show or breeding programs and are available to loving homes. Overall, they’ve got tons of love to share, but be wary because the Pomeranian’s life is starting to ebb.

Coat Color, Size, and Sex Influence Costs

  • Rarer-colored Pomeranians are often more expensive than regular colors.
  • The girl Pomeranian puppy price is higher than males. Breeders usually receive tons of inquiries for females, especially if they are white.
  • The pink teacup Pomeranian puppy options are very small dogs and attract higher prices, too. Breeders get asked a lot for them.

Breeder’s Location

The location of the breeder also influences puppy prices. Breeders must cover the cost, and if that area has a higher cost of living, they charge more to keep their expenses in check.

However, it’s not only limited to expenses. There are tons of breeding regulations at play, especially for preservation breeders. Plus, they increase fees whenever new regulations come about, such as insurance or licensing required by state laws.

Pet Pomeranians from Breeders

The smallest, fluffiest, and cutest Pomeranian pups are bred by preservation breeders, and you’re unlikely to find mixed breeds here. Pet-quality Poms purchased from preservation breeders are considered a purebred Pomeranian with a very minor issue that prevents them from being successful in dog shows.

These dogs are still great pets and are cheaper than the show-quality versions. They can compete in various non-conformity competitions, too.

When comparing show and non-show Pomeranians, there’s a huge difference in quality. If you buy from a reputable breeder that shows dogs at competitions, they are likely to have better appearances and temperaments than those who don’t.

Reputable breeders also list the dog’s issues and encourage you to perform routine vet visits after buying. Usually, you need to spay/neuter the dog if the breeder didn’t do that and get a full refund if you notice problems with the puppy after the sale.

Just note that show-quality Pomeranian pups can cost $10,000 or more. They’re the most expensive and always conform to the Pom breed standard.

Rescue Pomeranians

Adoptable Pomeranians are often cheaper than purchasing one. Though you have to contend with adoption fees, they are only about $300 on average for some shelters. Typically, the shelter also handles vaccinations, microchipping, spaying/neutering, and all the rest.

Backyard Breeders for Pomeranians

A Pomeranian bought from breeders who can’t prove the dogs in the show ring are often called throwback Poms. These breeding dogs have lower standards and are only used as pets. People buy two dogs and let them mate, regardless of the outcome. It’s often hard to get a purebred dog this way and may result in more health issues as the pet grows. Still, Pomeranians from these breeders cost less initially but could cause more costs later from vet bills.

Price from a Dealer or Pet Store

Usually, people incorrectly believe that dogs bought at a pet store are cheaper than from breeders. When I went to get my fluffy friend, I didn’t realize that most pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills and backyard breeders.

With that, dogs bought from the pet store are more expensive than from a puppy mill or breeder. I don’t recommend visiting a mill, but any of the other options could be great if you really want a Pomeranian.

Saving Money When Buying a Black and White Pomeranian

Overall, the cheapest way to get a Pomeranian is to find a rescue dog. Be aware that they are adult Pomeranians, so you probably can’t get a puppy. Still, there are some older puppies that come from breeders who don’t want them.

If you don’t want an adult Pom or a senior dog, your best bet is to go to a preservation breeder. Dog owners who do that should expect to pay more, though.

How Much It Costs to Keep a Black Pomeranian

The first large cost is the overall purchase price of your Pomeranian. However, you should thoroughly research the long-term costs associated with the pet. After all, you want to love this little guy for a long time and need the best idea of budgeting possible.

Costs Involved for Feeding a Pomeranian

I highly recommend that you investigate the costs of feeding Black Pomeranians. Size is a factor, but it’s not the only one. Feeding a small dog isn’t as expensive as feeding a large one.

A Pomeranian dog usually weighs 4 to 8 pounds and eats about 1 cup of dog food each day.

Still, you want to feed them quality food, so that’s about $2 or $3 per pound. Generally, you can spend $55 for four months’ worth of food.

Prices for the Vet

Usually, new dog owners worry about vet expenses. In most cases, Poms are sturdy and healthy canines. If they get enough exercise and are well-fed, they shouldn’t have many problems. Still, they do have specific health issues, so I recommend getting pet insurance for your new friend. Here are some potential health issues for a Pomeranian. Pomeranians can experience:

  • Breathing issues
  • Coat loss
  • Allergies
  • Eye problems
  • Luxating patellas (slipping out of the knee caps)
  • Dental issues (small mouth)
  • Collapsing windpipe

Here are some serious common health problems Poms might face:

  • Patellar Luxation (between $1,500 and $9,000)
  • Entropion (between $1,200 and $5,500)
  • Patent Ductus Arteriosus (between $4,500 and $9,000)
  • Cryptorchidism (between $500 and $2,500)

If you don’t care about breeding, you should ask about the average cost to get your healthy Pomeranian spayed or neutered.

Grooming Expenses

Another expense to consider is regular grooming. Your pet’s coat needs to look healthy and smooth. To save money, you can do it yourself at home or pay a professional between $50 and $150 a session.

Pomeranian Training

It’s crucial to train your Pomeranian, especially if it has a strong personality. Otherwise, it could become dominant and disruptive.

As soon as possible, enroll your pet in obedience training. Generally, group lessons cost $50 to $150 per hour and go for four to eight weeks.

Dog Supplies

The next step is to think about the average cost of puppy supplies. You need various toys, water/food bowls, a harness, leash, brush, and a comfortable bed.

Don’t be tempted to go to the pet store and buy everything your fur baby might ever need in life. Remember, you’ve taken the hit from the initial Pomeranian price and now have to factor in everything else.

The reality here is that the Pom doesn’t need tons of toys, different harnesses for every day of the week, tons of food, and a luxury bed. Buy the basics first, and then learn what your puppy likes.

Overall, the average amount per year to take care of any dog is $1,641. This covers treats, boarding, dog walkers, vet visits, and all the rest.

Though you may start out walking your pet yourself, you may want to invest in a dog walker. Usually, these animals create a routine for using the restroom, and they can be quite demanding!


Pomeranians are loyal, fluffy, and small. They’re great family pets because they enjoy children and are independent, too.

These little furballs come in various colors, such as black, brown, white, and others. Their coats are often silky with long hair or short hair with the feeling of velvet.

Regardless, Pomeranians are cute and make great companions. However, they can be hard to train and need tons of grooming, especially if you go for purebred dogs.

The cost of ownership depends on many factors, but the first thing is to figure out the Pomeranian price. You must consider the location of the animal, color, age, and so much more.

Breeding Poms is expensive. Therefore, you must be passionate about ownership because it’s often hard to stop at just one of these little guys.

Just think about all the costs associated with owning a pet to determine if a Pomeranian is right for you.

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