What is the best harness and collars for Pomeranians?

If you’re on the hunt for dog harnesses, make sure you carefully check the size chart. This is because different brands tend to size their products differently. Thus, you want to make sure you’re getting the right fit for your Pom.

I highly recommend this suede dog harness for your Pomeranian. It comes in a wide range of sizes (x-small, small, medium, large, x-large).

Thus, you’re sure to find the right size for your Pom! Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a collar, a nylon dog collar is the strongest and most comfortable for your Pom. Ideally, you want to have both a harness and a collar for your Pomeranian. But if you were to choose only one, get a toy dog harness. 


A Pomeranian is without a doubt one of the most adorable pets you can have as your companion. Being a toy breed means it might be tricky to find them the best collar size, leash, and harness to suit them well. 



Collar vs. Harness

First things first, it’s important to know the difference between a collar and a harness. You can attach a toy dog leash to both dog harnesses and collars. However, they differ in size and their specific functions. We highly recommend getting a harness for your Pomeranian in addition to a collar. They will certainly prove useful in many situations as opposed to having a collar alone. 


A collar is a circular material placed around a dog’s neck almost like a necklace. Pet owners typically use collars for their pet’s identification, restraint, and fashion purposes. They are almost the go-to choice when choosing a gear to attach a toy dog leash to. Most pet parents attach an identification or some sort to the collar. For this purpose, a collar is the ideal choice. 

There’s a bunch of collars that you can make your dog wear. There are fabric collars, nylon collars, leather collars, and so many more types. If you’re looking for a fashionable collar to style your Pom, a patterned polyester dog collar is a great choice. These are very lightweight on the neck. It’s also ideal for small puppies because of its narrow diameter. Cleaning them is also easy. 

A solid nylon dog collar is a perfect balance between durability and style. These nylon collars are quite simple in design but they come in different colors so you still remain in style. Moreover, these collars also come in a wide range of sizes to better fit your Pom. They are like belts with holes so you can adjust them depending on your dog’s size. 


Now let’s take a look at harnesses. A harness is a much larger gear or clothing for your Pomeranian. They wrap around your Pom’s torso instead of around the neck. If you don’t already know, a Pomeranian’s neck is prone to injury. This is due to various reasons like their breed and anatomy. The neck houses important structures for breathing like the trachea or windpipe. Apart from this, it also has some muscles that are quite delicate. This is why most pet parents prefer a harness, especially for a Pomeranian. 

They tend to be more comfortable with your Pomeranian most of the time. Because the harness attaches to different parts of your dog’s body, the tugging is significantly lesser compared to a collar. Moreover, it doesn’t attach to the neck at all which takes away the strain as when you are using a collar to attach a toy dog leash. 

With a harness, the distribution of force is much greater. Instead of just tugging at the neck area, a harness allows you to tug gently at the strongest parts of your dog’s body. This includes the bones and strong muscles. Lastly, your grip on your dog is a lot stronger with a harness. Thus, there’s a low chance of your Pom slipping from your leash compared to a collar. 

If you always bring your Pom with you in the car, a harness is a much better choice. This allows you to place your Pom in a car seat, unlike collars. You should never just use a collar to restrain your Pomeranian if you’re in a vehicle. A car seat is always a must and harnesses are the best way to attach them to the car seat. 

I will go through some of the best harnesses for a Pomeranian. I found that the best one for me is this 

Types of Harnesses

Not all harnesses are the same. They come in different types. It might be helpful to figure out which one you should get for your Pomeranian. 

Strap harness

As the name implies, a strap harness is essentially composed of straps that’s supposed to cross all over a dog’s body. Pet owners who own medium to large size dog breeds typically prefer a strap harness. These are quite comfortable even attached to dog leashes. However, there aren’t many strap harnesses suitable for toy dogs like Pomeranians.

Clothing harness

Clothing harnesses provide more full coverage for a puppy Pomeranian or an adult Pomeranian. They are typically in a vest or jacket form as if normal human clothing. This makes it a lot more comfortable for your Pom. Moreover, they are often the better choice if you want to provide your Pom warmth and comfort. 

Wrap harness

Meanwhile, a wrap harness is almost a hybrid of a strap and a clothing harness. They support at the neck and chest made with a structured and high-quality fabric. Typically, there is a D-ring in between the shoulder blades. Here, you can attach any toy dog leash. 

How to Choose the Right Collar and Harness for my Pomeranian? 


When choosing a collar or toy dog harness, the first thing to look at is the size. Although Pomeranians are small in general, collar size varies depending on their age, size, and weight. Generally, you would like to get a 6” to 8” neck collar size for a puppy Pomeranian under 5 pounds. For adult Pomeranian that weigh up to 10 pounds, you should get a collar or harness size around 8” to 10”. 

The length of a collar around your Pom’s neck is not the only thing you should pay attention to. You should also take a look at a collar’s thickness or width. Ideally, if your dog is smaller or lighter, you can get away with a narrower diameter. In the same way that if your dog is on the heavier side, you should get a thicker collar. If the size is not right, it may be uncomfortable or irritable to your Pomeranian. 

For harnesses, you get more allowance on the size since it doesn’t have to go around the neck. If you want to make sure everything fits properly to your Pom, you can certainly take your own measurements. Once you have the measurements, you can then compare your Pom’s neck size to the size chart of the collar you will buy. 

Getting the right size 

Now the key is to take the proper measurements to fit the harness properly. First, you should measure your dog’s upper neck’s circumference. Then, proceed by measuring the lower neck’s circumference. Ideally, the harness starts to wrap around here. This is also the forechest area. Then, begin measuring the fullest part of your Pomeranian’s chest or torso. The area just behind the front legs or armpit is your landmark. Lastly, you should measure your Pom’s torso length. This is your dog’s length excluding the head. 

With these measurements, you can confidently get your Pom a collar or a harness. Just make sure to check the size charts carefully. Check if they are in inches or centimeters. You don’t want to go a size higher because a loose harness is not comfortable for your Pom. You also can’t get a smaller size because this will be too restrictive to your Pom. 


After the size comes the fit. Your Pomeranian puppy can wear an appropriate-sized harness. However, it must have the right fit so you can ensure your Pom’s comfort. Plus, Pomeranians’ bodies tend to differ. Some may have a wider chest or neck. Sometimes, they may be a little bigger on the belly, and so on. These are factors individual to your pet that you should consider. 

Make sure that you’re not applying the collar or harness too tightly on your Pom. Remember that your Pom’s neck is quite delicate. The ideal way to put on a collar is to leave at least two finger-breadths for allowance. If you make it tighter than this, you may choke your Pom or make it difficult for them to breathe and swallow. 

For harnesses, knowing how much your Pom weighs may help in finding the right fit. Typically, a puppy Pomeranian at 4 months weighs around 3 pounds. A puppy’s weight ranges from 1.25 to 5 pounds. Meanwhile, an adult Pomeranian’s average weight is 6 pounds. This ranges anywhere from 4 to 11 pounds. You can check your Pom’s health records to find out his or her latest weight or you can simply weigh them if you have a scale. 


The size and the fit are certainly two important things to ensure your Pom’s comfort when it comes to collars and harnesses. However, the gear’s material matters also as much. For instance, if your Pom is wearing a clothing harness then you want them to wear one with breathable material. If you live in a place where the climate is hot or warm, you want a more lightweight fabric or material. Mesh material is also ideal for warm weather. This is breathable and easy to clean. Meanwhile, if you live where it’s always cold, you’d like a thicker material to keep your Pom warm. A good plush suede material is great to keep your Pom cozy and warm. 

Apart from this, you should consider the amount of padding in a harness. This applies most especially to clothing harnesses. A strap harness typically doesn’t have much padding as they are mostly straps. However, clothing and wrap harnesses tend to have some amount of padding. 

It’s also fitting to consider how easily you can wear the harness on and off of your Pom. When it comes to collars, this shouldn’t be a big issue as your dog is expected to wear the collar at all times. However, with harnesses, this is a common concern. You want to get a harness that has strong Velcro closures for easy wear and removal. There are some that come with buckles that are more secure but may take a little longer to put on and remove. 

Common Questions About Collars and Harnesses for Pomeranian

In this section, we’ll try to answer some of your most common questions about Adult Pomeranian and Puppy Pomeranian collars and harnesses. 

Do I need both a toy dog collar and a harness? 

Ideally, you want to own both a collar and a toy dog harness for your Pom. As mentioned earlier, these two gears serve different purposes. A collar is something your Pom should always wear for identification. Meanwhile, a harness is something he or she will occasionally need. 

Will a toy dog harness ruin my Pomeranian’s coat? 

Ruining a Pomeranian’s coat is a common concern among pet owners. Oftentimes, when you remove a harness from your Pom’s body, the coat will appear flat. However, this is only temporary. As soon as you remove the harness, the coat will eventually return back to its normal ‘poof’. You can hardly permanently alter your Pom’s coat or fur with any harness type. Regularly grooming and bathing your Pom is the key to maintaining a healthy coat. 

Is it ideal for Pomeranian puppies to wear harnesses? 

Some pet parents are scared of making their Pomeranian puppies wear harnesses for fear of hurting them. However, they are quite safe and ideal for puppies since they put less strain on their neck and bodies. Moreover, they can greatly help you train your Pom during the critical training period. 

When do I take off my puppy Pomeranian’s collar? 

Ideally, you should make your puppy wear a collar outdoors all the time. This is so people can identify them in case he or she gets lost. However, you should take them off when necessary. This includes situations like grooming, going to the vet, and taking a bath. Your puppy may not feel at ease with the collar in the beginning. However, they should get used to it after a while. If not, you should check if you got them the right collar. 

Recommended Collar and Harness

For the most part, the collar and harness you will choose for your Pomeranian will depend on your preference. However, we can recommend what we think will be most comfortable and functional for you and your Pom. We recommend a wrap harness made of plush suede for extreme comfort and support. They are ideal for any long walks or travel you may have with your Pom. For collars, we believe a nice nylon collar is your best bet. These are lightweight but are durable enough. These are also adjustable, so they are great for a growing puppy Pomeranian. You can also get a different size for an adult Pomeranian. 



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