What is the Best Carrier for Pomeranians? 

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The Brand Our Puppy Liked The Best

Outward Hound PoochPouch Dog Front Carrier, Gray

K9 Sport Sack Air 2 Forward Facing Dog Carrier Backpack

Hey! I’m Lia, and These are my battle-tested picks. If you want to know why I picked those, or just want to know more about sling carriers or any other type of pomeranian carriers Just keep reading 🙂

One of the best things about Pomeranians is that they are small enough for us to be able to bring them virtually anywhere! However, it is not always that I can put them on a leash alone. Moreover, they won’t be able to walk for long periods as much as bigger dogs. I want them to stay as comfortable as possible when I’m taking them out. There are plenty of instances when you wish you had a pomeranian carrier. This includes the following:

  • Going on a stroll at the park or any outdoor area
  • Shopping or walking at the mall where your hands will be busy 
  • Doing errands where there is a lot of walking 
  • Bringing your Pomeranian to the vet or pet store
  • Going for a long trip and taking your pom with you
  • A vacation

Sling Bags vs. Carry Bags vs. Strollers vs. Crates

You may have looked up toy dog carrier online and been surprised to see tons of different products all meant to be Pomeranian carriers. I will help elucidate these different products so you can better choose the one that will suit you the most. 

Sling bags are essentially like your typical sling bag. They go across your shoulder like a cross-body bag. They are ideal for those who would like to have their hands-free while carrying their Pomeranians. A toy dog sling is specifically great for Pomeranians because they are quite small and lightweight. 

Meanwhile, a carry bag or a toy dog carrier is a lot like a baby carrier. They are designed to be like a backpack for a more secure fit. A Pomeranian carry bag is also a lot more structured than a sling bag. It’s ideal if your Pom is a little heavier and you want equal distribution of weight. 

You are probably already familiar with strollers. They are almost like a baby carrier but a little smaller and more lightweight. These are perfect if you’re always going to parks and outdoor areas. Lastly, crates or carrier crates are for travel. They can be used as airplane carriers or as a carrier if you are performing crate training. 


In general, if you’re looking for the easiest way (and perhaps the cheapest) to bring your furry Pomeranian around with you, Pomeranian slings are the way to go. They are almost like your typical crossbody bag. You can bring them with you anywhere and you still get to be hands-free. The best thing about them is that it’s such a no-fuss and hassle-free way to bring your Pom with you. There are no buckles, belts, or any additional straps needed. 

However, toy dog slings are only intended for smaller Pomeranians. Typically, they can hold only up to 15 pounds. Thus, if your Pom is on the heavier side, you should consider getting another type of carrier. They are also not suitable if you’re going to airports or for any long travel. It’s perfect for your day-to-day errands and activities where you need your hands to be free.

Ideally, you want to get a Pomeranian sling that’s made of comfortable fabric or material. This can be cotton or any lightweight material. Moreover, you should also consider a sling with added padding for you and your dog’s additional comfort. Don’t forget to consider the straps when getting a sling. Some come with adjustable straps while some don’t. 

Of course, you want your toy dog sling to be as stylish as possible as they also function as an accessory. You should also take a look at some fashionable slings that you can sport. 

Overall, for slings, I highly recommend a water-resistant sling that also comes with a little pocket for your small belongings. With this type of toy dog sling, you won’t need to bring a separate wallet or keyholder if you’re running errands. You can slip them inside the zippered pocket and you remain hands-free. 


If you’ve seen a baby carrier before, then you’ll know what a toy dog carrier looks like. Pomeranian carriers are one of the most versatile things you can get for your dog. Carriers come in different types. Some are just pure carriers, while there are some that can double up as your backpack. If you are after the cheapest yet functional Pomerianian carrier, I recommend a front carrier

One of the biggest advantages of a Pomeranian carry bag is that they are very structured. As opposed to a sling bag, a Pomeranian carrier tends to be sturdier. If you wear them properly, it’s one of the most comfortable carriers for your Pom. You can get a toy dog carrier that comes with additional padding so the straps won’t push down too much on your shoulders. 

For safety reasons, you should also consider a carrier with adjustable chest and shoulder straps. There should also be a collar hookup for your Pomeranian. Meanwhile, if you’re after tons of storage, you can look into ones that have generous compartments and pockets. These typically look the most stylish as they look like a normal backpack instead of a full-blown Pomeranian carrier. 

A sport sack toy dog carrier is the one I highly recommend. This type of carrier comes with ventilated sides to provide your dog with free-flowing air. It’s a perfect choice because it has tons of additional compartments that always come in handy when you have some items to bring with you. It’s ideal for your furry friend who’s a little bit wobblier to be brought in a sling bag. 


Let’s not forget that our Pomeranians are quite small dogs. Compared to other larger breeds, they are not suitable for long walks or runs such as if you’re going on hikes, long walks in the park, or other outdoor areas. They will often tire easily if you simply put them on a leash. Apart from this, you don’t want to carry your Pom on your body for hours either. For these situations, strollers are the ideal carrier.

One of the many upsides of strollers is the ease of use. Because they come with wheels, they are easy to take anywhere. Moreover, they also come with tons of compartments to put random items like water bottles, umbrellas, bags, etc. 

Pet strollers don’t have to be boring. Some are well-built and manage to remain stylish like luxury carriers. They are quite popular among those who don’t want to have a normal-looking stroller. The canopies of the stroller help protect your Pom from the harmful rays of the sun while letting them enjoy the view as you walk around outdoors. 

However, if you’re after a more economical choice, there are plenty of Pom strollers that are of good quality without breaking the bank. You can also opt for lightweight strollers if you’re looking for one that won’t take up much space when stored. Most strollers feature a foldable design which makes it easy for you to set up and fold down the stroller for storage when not in use.

I highly recommend a 2-in-1 stroller carrier. This is an amazing value for your money as you will get both a stroller and a detachable carrier to bring with you if you don’t feel like using the trolley component. A convertible stroller is also a good choice if you’re a frequent traveler. 

Carrier Crates

Many pet owners commonly use carrier crates as airplane carriers if you’re always traveling. Also, they are often the most used carrier for bringing your Pomeranian to the vet so that you can contain them properly. Airports and airlines have strict rules with regard to boarding a pet. In almost all cases, you will need to bring your Pom in a crate. 

Carrier crates can be a pure crate that are made of plastic and steel wire, like the ones you commonly see. However, there are other types that are more similar to Pomeranian bags. These have a long shoulder strap so you can carry them on your shoulder instead of holding them with your hand using a handle. 

The popular choice when it comes to crates is a traditional crate. They are made of plastic, steel, and other durable materials. They are sturdy, lightweight, and are easily taken apart for storage. Moreover, this type of crate is quite easy to clean. There are crates that have a top door, too for easy in-and-out access. 

If you’re on a tight budget, a simple car seat and carrier bag is the best choice. The main material is a machine washable fabric with zippered mesh for proper ventilation. It does the job without burning a large hole in your pocket. They can even hold up to 20 pounds! 

Our recommendation is an airline-approved Pomeranian carrier crate. They are the perfect balance of style and functionality. They look like a stylish bag but are built with the sturdiest materials to make sure your Pom stays comfy while in transit. Although it is essentially a Pomeranian bag and not a crate, it is a structure with a sturdy frame and four bottom feet that will help you to set them down hassle-free. 

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